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Last Updated: September 30, 2022

Gale Books and Authors - Finding Your Next Read

This tutorial shows you how to use Gale Books and Authors to find new books suited to your current mood and interests or based on titles and writers you've enjoyed in the past.

When you're in need of quick reading recommendations,

use Gale Books and Authors to discover books that you won't be able to put down.

New books, seasonal picks, and spotlight titles

offer an easy way to discover a great read.

For additional suggestions, explore book lists

to view librarian favorites, expert picks, and award winners.

With just a couple of clicks,

you'll find specialized recommendations from librarians and genre experts,

and lists of noteworthy titles, so that you can find books

matched to your current mood and interests.

If there's a book you enjoyed in the past,

you can start with a simple search for the author or title.

You'll find a brief title summary, including characters and setting.

You can also link to an overview of the

author's life and career to deepen your knowledge

and appreciation of works written by the author.

Use Read-a-likes to find quick links to

related titles recommended by genre and literary experts.

When you find a title of interest,

you can even read book reviews to find out what experts think,

make a decision, and build excitement

for what you're about to read.

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