Books & Authors - Finding Your Next Read

This tutorial shows you how to use Books & Authors to find new books you may enjoy based on titles and writers you've enjoyed in the past.

When you've just finished a book you're ready to rave about

use Books and Authors to find another page turner.

You can start with a simple search

for a title or author you've enjoyed.

You'll find overviews of the author's life and career

to deepen your appreciation,

links to information about works written by the author,

and a brief title summary including characters and setting.

Use Read-A-Likes to find quick links to related titles.

These lists provide recommendations

from genre and literary experts,

so you'll be sure to find a great read.

If you want to find books

with elements similar to the current title,

click one of the "what do i read next" subjects or settings.

Or, visit the Books and Authors homepage

to access the Read-A-Like wizard.

Simply enter and select a book you've enjoyed,

choose subjects and settings of interest,

and search to generate a list of

books with similar characteristics.

Filters and sort options make it easy

to find things like the most recently published matching titles.

After clicking a title, you can even read book reviews

to find out what experts think,

make a decision, and build excitement for what you're about to read.