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Last Updated: December 16, 2022

Business Insights: Global - Documents

When viewing a company or country profile,

you'll find direct links to key information,

related companies and industries

or top companies and industries.

Click the view company hierarchy link

to access links to other organizations

in the company's hierarchy.

Click the chart icon to view the data in chart form.

From here you can add countries, companies

or industries to the chart or modify the search metric.

When viewing a profile you'll also find links

to related content including news and journal articles,

case studies and reports.

When viewing an article click listen

to hear the document read aloud.

You can also download an audio version of the document

as an MP3 file.

Ford Motor Company's

global electrification strategy, business economics.

Ford Motor Company has developed global platforms

for its vehicles including hybrid electric vehicles

and forthcoming battery electric and plug-in hybrids.

You can also translate the document

by selecting a language from the pull down menu.

Click on the icons in the tools section

found on both profile and article pages

to save the document and return to it later.

Select the saved items tab from the menu bar

to view a list of documents you have saved,

to preview and print the document,

to download the document,

to generate a bibliographic citation for the document

or just share the document by copying

and saving a bookmark,

by posting the link to the document

on a social networking site

or by emailing a link to the document to yourself

or someone else.

At the end of each document,

you'll find a document number.

You can use the document number

in an advanced search to retrieve this document.
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