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Last Updated: August 30, 2018

Back To School with OSLIS

Take learning to the next level this school year with library resources from Gale and OSLIS.
This is jake

He is heading back to school,

making a fresh start,

making this his year.

Jake is taking learning to the next level

with Gale in the classroom.

Library resources provide Jake

the trusted materials he needs to ace his assignments.

Jake has access to tools that make research

and homework quick and easy

anytime and anywhere on any device.

Have a research assignment?

Find a starting point and related subjects.

Track your ideas and organize your work.

Cite your resources and put it all together.

As technology is becoming more integrated in the classroom,

Jake is mastering online research.

Jake's library, teachers, and Gale's trusted content keep Jake engaged

and get him the results he needs to succeed.

And the materials Jake is using all year long

are the same materials found in his local community college,

as well as the top colleges and universities across the world.

So Jake is mastering the online research skills he needs to thrive.

Expand your horizons, prepare for your future,

and learn about something fun.

Stay well rounded, Jake.
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