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Last Updated: March 29, 2022

Methods for Authentication Identification

There are a number of ways in which Gale can implement identification of your users.

What level of Identification does Gale do?

Gale identifies incoming users to ensure that they have permission to access the subscribed databases. Once the user has provided enough identification, the authentication phase begins.

Methods of Identification

  • Username (Gale Loc ID) embedded in URL
  • It is possible to embed the account name/user name into the access url thus providing enough identification for the user to be passed
    to the authentication phase.

How do I find my username/location ID?

Find my Location ID

The term location ID is synonymous with username.   Your username/location ID is found in your Gale access URLs. 

Listed below are some examples of access URLs which contain username/location ID (in red).

  • ID
  • ID

You can find your username/location ID in "Get Link" (Gale persistent URLs)  as well.  Below are examples of URLs which show the location ID in red.


    • ID&v=2.1
    • ID&sid=AONE
    • ID


Assigning IP Address(es)

Some customers have a fixed range of IP addresses which we can assign to a location ID so a Gale Generic URL can be used as both identification and authentication purposes. This is rarely used because it is not feasible for accounts that have subscriptions from multiple purchasing sources and require multiple user names (Location IDs).

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