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Last Updated: September 30, 2022

Gale Academic OneFile - Targeting Trusted Sources

This tutorial shows you how to narrow a research topic within Gale Academic OneFile.

Gale Academic OneFile provides thousands

of quality academic journals and

tools to help you dynamically hone a topic

into a research question.

Basic search is often a great place

to start if you have a narrow research focus

in mind, but if you're interested

in a broad topic, you may want to use

the Advanced Search to filter out articles

that just mention your search terms.

Try the Subject option,

which retrieves results tagged to provide more

in depth coverage of the topic.

If you're not sure which subject terms to use,

try the Subject Guide search.

If you still have a large number of results,

apply filters to begin focusing

your research.

You can also use Topic Finder to visualize

key divisions and themes within your results,

and create a more specific,

manageable, and unique focus

for your research project.

Continue revising your search as much

as you like to construct a topic that's both

interesting and targeted.

When you're ready to start compiling and analyzing

sources, be sure to Cite and

Download, or send your sources

to your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive

to organize and simplify your work.

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