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Last Updated: September 16, 2022

Segmentation Portal: Using the Compare Tool in the Experian Segmentation Portal

In this quick tutorial, learn how to use the Compare Tool in the Experian Segmentation Portal to compare the means and likelihood indices across Mosaic Groups or Types for individual data points.

Lisa Novohatski: There are a number of different tools in the mosaic segmentation portal that allow us to interact with the data that is used for the mosaic segmentation model.

Lisa Novohatski: We'll be talking about the compare tool, the compare tool shows the similarities and differences between the mosaic groups and types using statistical information.

Lisa Novohatski: We click on compare what you'll see is we'll see an individual data point and we'll see the comparison between the different groups and types.

Lisa Novohatski: Here we're comparing the index values so as you see, here we have the index values that anchor at 100 and we have the value for each of the groups, so a through s.

Lisa Novohatski: Now, if we wanted to look at the more granular segments, we would click on types on the left hand side here and now we're looking at those relativity index values for each of the 71 mosaic segments.

Lisa Novohatski: Here we'll see that it's sorted by the default so it's in order from A01 all the way down to S71.

Lisa Novohatski: But if we wanted to rank order them to say you know, whichever the groups are most likely to exhibit characteristics or be part of groups.

Lisa Novohatski: We can click on the rank button here and it rearranges our segments, and so now we're looking at them rank ordered by their index value, and we can scroll through to see which of the groups.

Lisa Novohatski: Have the highest index values now here we're looking specifically at age of children four through six we can look at any of the data points that we've explored in previous tips.

Lisa Novohatski: Here we can say, we can look at Head of household age so who wants to see head of household age between 46 and 50 years old, will see here that is rearranges and it rank orders each of our 71 segments by their value by their index value.
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