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Last Updated: January 08, 2024

Preview: Power to the People: Counterculture, Social Movements, and Alternative Press - For Higher Ed Users

Academic interest in the social history of the twentieth century is rising as issues of social justice, equity, and diversity continue to impact our society globally.  Studying the trends, movements, and actions of the past helps inform our future, and academics are turning to primary sources to give voice to history. Power to the People! Counterculture, Social Movements, and the Alternative Press, 1960-2015 will provide pamphlets, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, leaflets, broadsides, manuscripts, posters, and other printed pieces covering a range of ideas, initiatives, and social movements from the 20th century.  The archive is not meant to focus on just a few specific movements, but rather present a broad picture of counterculture and organized groups throughout the mid- to late-20th century mainly in the United States and United Kingdom, but with materials covering events and topics around the globe.  Join us as we provide a preview of our upcoming archive and the unique collections and their content within.

Duration: 60 Minutes
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