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Last Updated: October 28, 2022

For TexShare: Get to Know Gale Presents: Udemy for Public Libraries

Support upskilling with Gale Presents: Udemy from TexShare an online learning platform for patrons who want to improve work-related skills or further develop a personal interest. Patrons can search through more than 9,000 continuously updated, on-demand video courses across 75 categories in business, technology, design, and more. All courses are taught by world-class instructors and offer a tailor-made learning experience for those who want to learn new technologies and skills to stay competitive in a changing workforce. View this webinar, to discover how users can find courses and sign-up to learn as well as ways to promote this resource with your patrons!
Duration: 30 Minutes
Oh, there it just turned it on. Okay.

Welcome to your session today. Get to know Gale presents you to me.

This session is for TexShare, and it is for public libraries.

TexShare has provided access to this resource for all of the public libraries in Texas.

My name's Tammi Burke. I'm your gale trainer, and today's training will focus on a resource that's called Gale presents you to me in this.

Training we will cover the course. Content. Tools and features available within the resource and training materials that you have available on the gale support site So let's first talk about our agenda I'll start with access to the TexShare gale resources.

And then I'll provide you with an overview of gale presents you to me.

Then we're going to spend the majority of our time exploring the courses, the features, and the workflow tools, and then at the end I will share with you where you can go for training support and contact information of folks at gale that are your one-on-one support and that is your fantastic customer

success managers, accessing TexShare resources. This is the support site.

I was mentioning prior to the start of this recording It is

I will post that in the Let me go back to that.

I will post that in the chat real quick for those that aren't familiar.

This is a great site to bookmark Both the support Gale com, and also the specific text share site.

If you wanted individual links, you can get to the general support site from the tech sheer sight.

but if you wanted to PIN them both, or or bookmark them both separately.

That's an idea, too. Once you log into your resources, you'll have access when you use the login information and let me share that next slide with you.

So if you go to the TexShare site and you, this is where you can enter your school name, or I'm sorry. School.

Name, your library, name, and find that your your individual accounts.

So once you select your library, name and click proceed it'll take you to all of your you've signed in.

It'll take you to all of your products and all of your direct urls.

Now, at the very bottom of this, if you were listening to the conversation at the start of the session, if you need instructions on adding a proxy, we have sample at the very bottom of this list of easy proxy, if you are not using easy proxy, then you may want to

check out our technical documents because we have all of just a bunch of different technical documents to support proxies and discovery, and all of that information.

So we've added them recently, so you'll see some new ones there, too, if you're interested in grabbing your list of all of your direct urls to your gale resources.

You can simply use the export links, and that'll give you a spreadsheet.

With that information and your location, Id will be built in, so that when you're looking at usage, or you want to look at top searches or that type of information, it'll be directly linked to your library, site so always great to use your direct urls so let's start talking about you to

me you'd be prepares patrons for changing workforce Gale presents you to me.

Helps users, build new skills that align with industry trends helping them remain competitive in the modern workforce.

Now we have workforce, or I should say, some some courses that are directed more at those types of tools that are needed in the work workforce, but we have others, too, that I'm excited to talk to you about so you'll find not only technology and business, but you'll find personal development

and health here available for on-demand learning, for in-demand skills.

We offer more than 10,000 high-quality on-demand video courses taught by world-class instructors of 75 categories for upskilling in the areas of business technology and design your patrons.

Can also achieve personal success with courses on health and well-being, the arts, language, learning, and so much more

So what makes Gale presents you to me the best.

Here's some outstanding factors. I want you to think about and understand marketplace, model currency.

So users get the freshest, most relevant, and in-demand content.

Faster 85%, of the course, collection has been updated in the last 2 years.

We have an international collection. Thousands of courses are available in multiple languages.

French, German, Spanish, just to name a few, and these are also taught by subject matter experts in their native language.

So it supports equity, diversity, and inclusion.

We have a learner first approach in you. To me the platform offers patrons that gives them the power to choose their courses that fit them best.

Plus there's also smart smart recommendations which gives learners suggestions based on previous courses that they've taken within the resource more content.

There's thousands more hours overall 4 times more. It content, and 6 times more personal enrichment courses support the needs of a wider audience.

We have empowered instructors. They update and revisions and new content is continually being added by instructors I've even noticed on one of my courses that the instructor has a new course that he's launching and he put a message.

On the old course, so I can jump to the new one, and this is also you're going to see that the instructors are encouraged to be responsive because they get a lot of learner feedback.

To make real changes and or changes in real time. We have closed captioning and transcript and many of these are in multiple languages.

So most courses provide translated captions, and transcripts for increased accessibility.

We have a wide diversity of expert instructors, so that prevents that learning, fatigue, or you can also like I have a favorite instructor.

So I'll go into I like his courses, so I'll follow him along and go through his courses, ratings, and reviews.

This is really important. Users can see what other learners thought about the course so similar to what's happening, and in at the academic level where you have students that are rating professors It's kind of the same idea ratings and reviews are happening here with these courses too, so you can

see? We're always looking at ratings I don't know how many of you are Amazon shoppers, but I look at those ratings, and reviews before I make any single purchase.

Same idea with these courses. You're going to find a very robust course, catalog.

Here's a list of some of the topics that we have, and these are the the topics we have sub topics related.

But you can see that a few here Amazon web services certified Cloud practitioner, adobe classes.

Microsoft Excel, which is challenging to those that don't use it all the time.

and then you can see some other courses that we have even investing in stocks is an option here and then, we also have soft skills collection, And this provides hand-on practical courses on the skills that matter most in today's workplace So new manager essentials

goal, setting, fostering superbosses, creativity and innovation, time, management, public speaking, emotional intelligence.

So you're going to see a wide variety of courses available within this resource.

Now let's talk about different ways that your users can access Now They can, of course, access from their computer if they're accessing from their phone.

We are mobile, responsive, All your Gale resources are mobile, responsive.

So this would be if a user were to go into, say, chrome, a browser on their phone, they could access a gale presents you to me that way.

Another option is, they can add the app. So there's an app for you to me.

Business that is available. They'll want to look for this little icon.

Now we do have tip sheets available that you can share with your patrons coming into your library.

So we do have training materials to talk about this and what is exactly needed, but it does take them through a path if they're adding this, App, then they will have to link to your library and have to authenticate.

However, they currently, are so if they're say they're using their library barcode, which you can set that up and gale admin for all of your resources, they would still authenticate that same way, so they would take that path through this even through the app so they're accessing through

your library still Alright, Let me know if there are any questions again.

We have training materials for the last 2 slides that I went over, and I'll share those with you at the end of this session.

But let's jump into the resource itself, and I am on the login page

Oops, and there we go. So when you log in, you do have to sign in and create a Udemy account.

You can use Microsoft, you can use Google. I use Microsoft because I'm accessing through my company and that's what they like us to do.

So we're using Microsoft today. You can also use a general.

Email So all those options are available. The email that was, That's a recent AD: So if any of you have used it in the past in the last I don't know how many months here now, we added, the I think was over the winter, we added, that third option, so Google microsoft, or if you

just want to use an email address to access. You can do that too.

So I'm gonna sign in with my account. I'm gonna use Microsoft here at the bottom

Now it does. I am getting. I do have the active verification set up on my account.

So it's a second authentication. So it just went to my cell phone.

I clicked. Okay, So I wanted you to see that path.

I could have saved us time to log in, but I think it's important to understand, and sometimes it bumps me back to this home screen again with that octa verification

So I'll redirect. There we go. So it does add that one last piece to make sure that I am safely accessing this resource.

So I have been working in here the first time that you are accessed, accessing this resource.

The home screen is going to look a little different. You do.

I did not fill out the customize your course. Recommendations, because I wanted to wait to show you all what that looked like.

But right as soon as you sit down you have the ability to search for anything we have that search bar at the top.

We have categories that you can select from. We also have those categories in this top navigation.

Here personal development is where you can go, for, like I'm looking at a iphone photography.

Course, that, and how to improve my pictures on my iphone, So that's one that I'm interested in for work.

I Have adobe Photoshop that I'm I'm using, and want a little bit of a refresher for.

So you can see these are the courses right now. That I've enrolled in, and it's there's no timeframe.

I actually set up this adobe course a while ago, and I can come back at any time.

It's not like I have 6 weeks to finish it.

I can come back at any time. These are on-demand courses that I have available Something else, I want to point out is my learning is up here in the upper right, so I can see all of my courses listed.

And go to my learning also under my account, I have the ability to change my language.

So if I wanted to change my language, to say Spanish, you'll see here it has changed all of this navigation to Spanish.

Now this is separate than the courses, so the courses I'll show you how to find courses in a different language.

We'll do a search, and I'll show you what that looks like.

But if I needed to change the platform I can quickly go into my account and change it to any of these options that I have available Let's go back to English Okay, So that's a tool again underneath your account up in the upper right hand corner, you have a few other things that you can

you can edit your profile. You can log out from that area.

There's a help button there. So a few other options available on your account.

As I scroll down the page, I want to show you a few things before we do a search, so I can customize my course.

Recommendations, and that'll be here below. So we have our top picks for you.

I'm going to get those suggestions. What should I learn next?

Here's some smaller bite-sized learning. This one's a 26 min. Video.

Here's an 8 min video and so I'll have those that are suggested to.

But I can, if I want to really drill down and see those recommendations, I can still search through everything.

But this kind of helps my home screen. It's customizable for me, so I can.

What skill sets matter most to you, and I can pick from technology and business, or none of these I can view all of them.

I can multi-select these skill sets and make some decisions, and again, it'll help with this process of going through, and those recommendations that I'm seeing.

If I want to skip this I don't have to have it or work through it, but if I wanted to use it, let's say I'm interested in communication and personal development.

I'm going to click next. I can. You can see what skills are you looking for?

So it really helps you drill down and find that content.

If you want those recommendations, don't have to have them just some an option that you have available scrolling down the page.

You're going to see what people are viewing, and also the newest courses to you.

To me. You can see below. I was talking, remember. I was talking about the ratings.

Of the courses. Here's those ratings, and you can see how many people have reviewed and rated this course.

So we have the newer ones have fewer, you know.

This one has only 32 so far. Here we have 4 point, 5 and 179 people.

So that's looking good, and then we have some that have been around a little bit longer.

This one was from is still from this year, but has all over 400,000 reviews.

So you are going to see that in that course information, you'll see those reviews now if I wanted to drill down and go, I could go through the categories this way.

If I wanted to find, and you can see how you can development.

I can just put my cursor over top of a term on the left hand. Side.

I can find additional related content, and really drill down this path.

So that's one navigational route. I can take.

I can click into personal development, and it'll take me to a list.

Of courses. Here's a featured course. I have popular topics, So if I wanted courses in, say German or Spanish, this is one route that you'll see the scrolling at the top.

Another way to find courses in Spanish. Let's say, is using my filters on the left hand side.

So, if I go to language, I'm gonna click show more.

now I clicked into personal development. That's what I have in personal development.

And again. These are taught by Spanish instructors, So it's being taught in the native language, which is really helpful to your users coming into your library.

So. Not only can I translate the navigation tools, using my account information, using that little button up top.

Remember. I can also look for courses in Spanish, or whatever language you select

Okay, So that's how you can find those types of that's those types of courses available and filter down that content.

Let's look at a few more filters while we're here.

I can filter by ratings. I can filter by video duration topics level.

So if I want just the beginner level of adobe, I can choose that different features are their subtyles, quizzes, practice tests, and then we have subtitles.

What subtitles are these courses available in? And you can see all of the subtitles I can select from now a lot of times.

You'll click into the course, and it'll have a selection of subtitles.

We don't have all of this on every single course.

But if I am looking for subtitles, I'll take the course in English.

But I need to make sure that I understand it. So let's filter down to those courses that have the subtitles in Italian

So some great filter options for your users help meeting the needs of all your users.

We have these options available, and this will show up. I went through.

I just clicked on the topic of personal development. But if I were to do a search I would see those same types of that same type of information. So if I'm looking at photography, and you can see I click this is, how I found my path I went into iphone photography.

And it took me to the courses that I have to select from so same idea.

I don't have when I click into that that larger subject area you could see I had some suggested courses at the top.

When I do a basic search, it's just going to take me to those search results at any time.

I want to go back to that homepage. I can click on the gale, presents you to me, icon here, and it'll take me right back to that homepage Okay, So let's go into my adobe of Course What does it look like when we're here.

So this I did start the course I'm gonna remove that transcript. You can see you can open up the course content over here on the right hand side.

When you first log in. This is what you'll see.

You'll start with that overview it land you on the overview page below it when you're in, and here's the navigation.

It's just below the video where I have overview.

I can look at the Q. A. I can look at my notes if I've added any notes, any announcements about this course like I said, My, this instructor made an announcement about upcoming courses.

Here's the reviews and learning tools So I have all of these navigational tools available.

When I'm on the overview, it's going to give me information about this course.

It's 11 h long. There's been over a 100,000 students.

It was updated in April of this year. Here's the languages that are available.

There's 10 available in that and that's for the closed captioning there that I have available.

It's taught in English, but the close captioning that I have available on what you'll learn Description instructor So all the overview information, Oh, even requirements is at the bottom, So you do need to have access to adobe questions and answers you're going to see questions from

previous students. I can see more. I can ask a question and my instructor will answer, and any notes.

Now these are my notes, and I haven't taken any notes yet, but they would be here.

Any announcements, so that you'll see the instructor pop some announcements in here

Here are those reviews

And then my learning tool, So I you can actually schedule a learning time, and I did that, and add it to your calendar, so that you get that weekly reminder.

Mine's on Friday afternoons at 3 o'clock for 30 min, and you can schedule that learning time, So that's a learning tool that you have available when you click into learning tools.

That's where you're going to see the option to schedule that time. Alright.

Now let's talk about the video and some of the tools that you have available So I put my cursor over top.

You can see, I can play that video. I can add notes to.

So as I'm playing the video, and I want to add a quick note.

That's what this little The lines with the piece of or with the pencil right there.

I can add a quick note so it'll open that field for me if I'm working and listening to the video.

I can quickly add that note, which is a great feature to have on the right hand side, and you have your volume.

You have the transcript. So if I wanted to turn on the transcript rather than what I'm seeing on the right, is my course content.

I can and I'll do that in a moment. I can turn on the captions.

I have some setting options. Make this whole screen make this experience view.

So all of those options are available. So before I go to Transcript, let's talk about this course content, because it's gonna disappear as soon as I click on the transcript on the right hand, side I do have the ability to quickly jump to another section.

If there are any resources related to the section, I'm on, and the area that is being covered in the course I'm going to see this little icon with the ability to download these resources, so they're built.

Right into that course, content when I open up a section. So let's open section 2 layers again.

I have resources available, I can jump to when I click on.

Oh, I can't! I can't change it, for that's interesting.

It does jump to it I can quickly jump to that section.

That course content. It tells me how long it is. It's 10 min.

This little section, And then here are the resources that I have available to download.

You could see this. He's a great instructor.

Now, if I want to turn on the transcript down here, I do have to put my cursor over the bottom of the video, I can turn on the transcript.

I can also turn on the captions, and I can choose from a different language when I change, let's say I'm changing to Italian.

It also changes my transcript to Italian at the same time.

So I've got my closed captioning, and then also my transcript, and it'll highlight as I go through, or as the video plays, it'll highlight that text.

I don't have to view that I can make this an expanded screen very quickly by closing that area here with the arrow, or at the very bottom

Correct, so Cindy, you asked a great question. They will need to go through your library. To access you.

To me. They cannot. If they, if they add the app and don't go through your library, they will be prompted to purchase it, so they will have to go through your library, and with whatever account setups you, have and i'll share that training, document with you so you can see

it's a It's a quick path once they add the app. But yes, they will have to use your library link

Or like. I said, your library barcode that they'll have to enter that information in before they can access you to me.

Thank you for asking that question. So if they do try to access it through the app or through their browser, without going through the library, they will be They'll be prompted to to pay for it So that's a a good good point to make when you're in, your libraries, and when you're

promoting the resource, and we have great marketing materials to help you promote the resources, so keep that in mind that you may want to mention that if you want this, be sure to log in using your library credentials for authentication.

Or however you you state, you probably don't get that technical with the terms, but you all know what I'm talking about.

Okay, so let me know if there are any questions on this resource.

We covered everything. I'm gonna go back to that homepage.

All I have to do is in the upper left-hand corner.

Click, the the left icon to go home. Oh, before I do let me show you over here in the right, I can check my progress I'm a very bad student.

I have not completed anything yet, but you will see what you've completed, and how much more you have to go.

And this little icon Here I can unfavor the the course.

I can archive it, I can, you know, see, receive new announcement emails, or I can unenroll completely from the course.

Okay, let me know if there are any questions. I hope you're as excited to dive in and find what courses are available within this resources as I get to.

I'm always excited when I get to do trainings on this resource, because there's such great content available, and, as you can, see, because I viewed this.

Now look at just from today this is popped up and I'm seeing all of these adobe courses that are being suggested, and a lot of them are like, I said by that instructor that I like so much he wears these glasses Okay, so let me go to where you can find training

materials, because these pieces are going to be really helpful, not only to you all, but also to your users.

Coming in the library, and I will share with you that path, too.

I'm gonna I will share the link. Make sure to sharing the right screen.

There we go, and and that's to the gale support site.

I share this at the beginning. Let me post it. I did put it in the chat, so it is support dot gale com TexShare.

These are some of the documents you're going to find.

So I shared with you that that's where you can go to find all of your access Urls Titleists are.

There, mark records. You'll find database icons, widgets contact us So that's your customer.

Success managers, and they can help with that easy Pre, or I shouldn't say easy proxy with your proxy settings, or any discovery that you may need.

They can help with that process. In the training centers where you're going to find tip sheets and tutorials.

Here's a few. So here's the gale presents you to me on your mobile device, and here are the instructions, very, very simple to do.

Here is a brief little video tutorial. We also have a resource guide on you to.

Me It's a just a two-page quick tips on how to access the resource that you can share.

And then here's those marketing materials that you can utilize to promote this resource with your library.

So you're going to find all of these types of tools along with blog posts and social media posts available.

We have templates available for you, for marketing and great training materials.

All on your gale support site. With that let me share it with you real quick.

How you can find everything for you to me. So this is a quick way, and I'm gonna share this link in the chat, too.

So I'm going to go back, since we have a few minutes now, I can access the check share support site like this.

I can sign in with my library name, and I'm just going to choose the first one here and proceed.

And this is going to take me to as it's loading takes me to all of my individual links.

So I have my location Id already built in to all of my location links my direct urls to expire.

All of these I have that green icon here, and that'll turn it into a spreadsheet at the very bottom.

I have some brief instructions. You've got a nice long list here of easy proxy examples.

You also have a complementary gale pages, resource site.

If you want to use that site for all of your gale resources, it's used a lot at the some of our public libraries a lot of our K.

12 libraries will use that resource. You also have your e-books and training materials, marketing materials, state links.

There's those technical documents I was mentioning that you have of a

Here's one specifically on Udemy and single sign-on access, request, so you may want to, Cindy.

You may want to take a look at that, too. This is specifically for easy proxy configurations, and then here can I add my proxy URL to gale persistent links.

So there's some information about proxies linking to holdings, using your library barcode.

So these are those technical documents that you have available on the text share support site.

Now, when I click home, it's going to take me to the general.

Gale support site. I can still go back to that texture site at any time.

But what I wanted to show you here is, if you go home you will be able to reach out to Kevin Teller he's your customer success manager, You can make an appointment right, on his calendar, and he'll call you at whatever time you want on that calendar You

can send them a quick email if you want to. What I wanted to show you.

Now I am signed in as a public library here. If I go to browse products, so under product, support browse products, and I am going to filter to you to me

Here, is everything I need for my library for you to meet starts with the direct urls.

Here's the database Icons mark records Vpad information.

If I want to add a widget, and then below, here's all those training materials.

So I had shared with you. Here's the quick tips app for mobile device and I'm just gonna pull this real quick and put it into the chat.

But I wanted to show the path for anyone that's watching the recording, and I'm also going to share with you the quick start guide, and this one again.

As I said, it's 2 pages, but it quickly walks you through, and it's a great one to have available for your patrons.

Okay. But that is if you go to product, support and go to browse products.

It's going to take you to all of your training materials, and below, that is all the marketing materials that you have, and we have quite a few, and below are the digital assets.

So if you want the postcard, or instagram post or you're doing, Facebook, or you need one for your library website.

We have those available below. We have some printable bookmarks, flyers, and there's some technical documents

Yes, so, Jeremy. Thank you for thank you for mentioning that, and I should have mentioned that outside of Gale Jeremy's on the call.

Hi, Jeremy, you can get these resource specific pages from the TexShare support page by clicking on the resource name as well.

That Mays fantastic that you've got them linked out there alright.

So let me go back. I know where you are. Just over time I'll go back to my Powerpoint real quick, and share with you that contact information for that one on one support again.

you have your customer success managers. My name is Tammi Burke.

I'm your senior gale trainer. I'm very happy to be here today with you all.

I hope this ends our session training survey.

It should pop up at the end of our session.

But if you would like to use a QR. Code, we'd love to get your feedback on the session, and also, if you're looking for any further training on the your new resources, that you have use that comment, section, to let me know because i'm speaking directly with the folks at TexShare and

we talk about, Okay, What should we do next? What should training to folks need?

So let us know in that training Survey section. But that wraps our session today.

I thank you for your time If there's anything else I can help you with, I'll stay on the line.

Please feel free
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