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15 Minutes to Mastery: Prevent Learning Loss with your Gale In Context Resources

Duration: 15 Minutes

May 19, 2021, 2:00 PM - 2:15 PM (EST)

Inspire and engage students over the summer so that they’re motivated, confident, and ready to tackle any learning challenge in the year ahead! With just a couple of clicks, you can use your Gale In Context resources to share trusted topic overviews, short videos, articles from top publications, and more to spark learners’ interest and encourage summer exploration of quality sources. In this webinar, we’ll explore how to quickly find information on trending topics, send it to students, and keep them interested in learning so that they’re prepared for the new school year.

Who Should Attend: This session is designed for K12 educators and librarians and public library staff with access to Gale In Context resources who support students over the summer.

Additional Support: After this session you will receive an example Gale activity to engage students over the summer.