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Last Updated: January 20, 2023

For FEL: Gale Support Tools and Usage Dashboard

The Gale Support Site provides libraries with free, on-demand materials designed to help market and leverage your Gale resources. Direct URL’s for your Florida Electronic Library resources, icons, widgets, resource guides, lesson plans, training slide decks, bookmarks, social media posts, and more are available to connect users to your library resources. Are you looking for usage reports for an end of year review and/or building collections? Explore Gale’s Usage Dashboard and learn how simple it is to generate visual reports, graphs, and even word clouds of your library’s top search terms. View this session to explore the tools, content, and organization of and Gale’s Usage Dashboard.
Duration: 60 Minutes
So welcome to today's training session, Gale support tools and usage dashboard for the Florida Electronic Library.

My name is Tammi Burke. I'm your gale trainer, and any questions that you have, please feel free to ask in the Q.

A box today's session is focusing on 2 of the tools that you have available from Gale to support all of your gale resources, and I am sharing with you.

We're gonna start with the gale support site. And then we are going to go into the gale usage dashboard today.

So our agenda is first, where do you go to get started?

Do you have people that can support you and help you, and be that one on one support?

And the answer is, Yes, you do you have Gil customer success managers?

That are available for that one-on-one support and available to support you in all things scale.

So I will share their information. Today. It's also is included in the follow up emails.

So you'll find I'm sharing their email address quite a bit today.

And I'm gonna talk to you a little bit about how they can support you.

We're gonna spend a lot of time exploring the gale support site and then also the gale usage dashboard.

Any questions that you have, please feel free to ask, I will share with you where you can go for additional training materials, which is the gale support site.

So we're going to pretty much cover that. But I'll just finish up with that reminder at the end of the session, and then also contact information.

My own, and then your customer success managers. So we're gonna have a little bit of that repeating information.

So if you miss it the first time, I'll be repeating that information again and again today to access your Fpl resources, you can go to the Florida Electronic library website is a fantastic website and nice and organized for you.

I do highly suggest checking out the ebook collections that have been created.

You have custom collections available on the Florida License Library website.

That is something that was curated for you all and a great example.

If you'd like to curate your own ebooks in your own library, utilizing what you have from the Florida Electronic Library.

And maybe if you have to have any other additional ebooks from Gale, when you do access the site, this is what it will look like.

As I mentioned that ebook collection, you'll find here, and it is broken down by either grade, level, elementary middle School high School.

And then we also have general reference content there, great for our public libraries

So let's talk about getting started

First you want to get to know your gale. Customer, success manager, or I'll refer to them throughout the session as your Csm.

Your Csm. Can help you with all of the tools available on the gale support site.

They will talk to you about access I'm going to share with you first how to access the gale, support site, and you actually have 2 different paths.

You can take one is utilizing, going through the page that we've created for the Florida Electronic library and I'm gonna share that one for.

And you can go to from the site that I just shared with you.

You can also go to the second site, or you can just start off here on the general gale support site.

Either way. You'll log in and find your own libraries information.

And again I connecting with your customer success, managers, a great way to get that started like it's also great to collaborate with them.

They can take a look at your library website and help you and provide you with tools and free resources and complementary resource sites and all the information that we have available to help move your users directly into your resources.

So they're a great resource for you all to have when you log into support.

Dot Galecom. Now this is the second link that I provided for. You.

Support that gale com. Once you log in, you can see here you have the ability to enter your location.

Id not sure what that is that's okay. We have a button there.

Just click, on it, and you can find your location. Once you do it will.

The page will slightly change, and it will provide you with your gale.

Customer, success, managers. Information now for our public libraries.

You're going to see Kevin Teller. He's our public library customer.

Success manager that works mostly with all our libraries in Florida, so you will be able to send Kevin an email or make an appointment right on his calendar, and then he'll contact you at the time.

That's most convenient for you.

So let's dive in to our first part of our training, and that is our support site.

Let me share that screen with you.

Here it is. It's very small. There we go so hopefully, let me make sure it's sharing that right site.

Yes, it is. Okay.

So you could see I am on the first link that I sent to you.

Now this is the Florida Electronic library page that we've created on the gale support site.

So this is where you're going to find Florida electronic library specific information you can sign in so I can find my library name.

I can take a look at my product list ebooks, all of the trainings, including today's training, will live under the training center.

You have marketing materials. There's Vpat information and also you can go directly to the to the Fl website.

So let's say this is the path I want to take, so I'm going to log in, and I'm just going to choose from the list.

Here, let's go to this high school and proceed

It's logging us in

Hmm! It's taken a little bit longer once it logs. There we go.

Once it logs in, it takes you directly to your product list.

Now your links. If you're not using your direct Urls.

And and this is something you're interested in adding to your library website.

They have the location id built in. So if I go to this site and don't log in, I'll see a little block there that will tell me that I need my location.

Id. So once you do log in all of these direct, you Urls, every time your user utilizes any of these resources from the floor electronic library.

Or maybe you have some own that some of your own 2 that you purchase for your library all of that usage will roll up to your account.

That's why you will want to use your direct, Urls, and this is where you can find them all.

If I'm looking for a specific product, maybe I want my elementary resource.

I can quickly use the filter, my filter box is always on the right hand side.

I typed in galing context, elementary. And here is my URL or my direct link.

I can access the product from this point, or I can also copy the link if I want to export all of my links, I have that option here.

If I want a specific product family like, I want all of my let's do all of our one file resources.

I can filter that down and pull all of our gale.

One file resources. So you can do a lot of options if you are adding information, or maybe you're looking to.

Okay for my, if you're coming to us from a K 12 library, you might have a page for your elementary, or maybe you have.

You're at the high school level, and you want resources that are geared towards high school students, or you are organizing by periodical content.

You're out of public Library or Higher LED Library, and you want all of the periodical content.

These, your one file resources are exactly that there are all of your periodical resources.

Now? Is there periodical resources or periodical information? Your others gale resources absolutely, but our one file products are designed for those magazines academic journals and newspapers.

So that's just an idea of how you can utilize that filter option.

If you are again getting all of your links for the first time, then using that export link which would be very helpful to have that spreadsheet excel spreadsheet for you.

You also have all of your e-books here. Now, there's some things with ebooks I want to talk about is is moving very slow today.

Zoom tends to bog it down a little bit, which is unfortunate.

But nice thing is with your ebooks. Here we go.

We have direct urls available for each ebook. So if this is a feature you utilize in your library, you have a direct URL for each individual ebook title.

If I want my mark records, I can download my mark records right here.

So if you'd like to put these e-book titles into your catalog, you can personalize your mark records and download that list into a dot mark.

File directly onto your device, and then the filters work this same way.

If I'm looking for a certain title, or I want to export all the links, I can do that.

Here, let's talk about training

So in your training center is where you're going to find any upcoming.

Webinars, and also all of the recordings. So here's today's session.

And then below. We have a general calendar, so session or a general session open to anyone where we are mastering.

Gale Admins. So we have a training coming up. That's a 45 min session on Gale. Admin.

If that's something you're interested in, you can sign up, and in this session we are talking about the counter.

5 reports, which is different than the usage dashboard.

I'm going to share with you today. And then here are all the recorded webinars is weird.

It's only 2 are showing up. They all should be here.

I have lots of them. So I'll have to check into that any additional training materials are listed below.

Then we have some tutorials. It's just showing.

Looks like, yeah, just a couple. That's add, we should be seeing a lot more.

Maybe that's why it's a little slow. Today.

We can. I can quickly jump, you can see there's navigation here to upcoming webinars recorded tutorials, additional materials.

So in the training center, I do have some navigation tools available.

We also have this great document. If you are looking for ways to increase your usage, your database usage.

I do highly recommend accessing this information here that we have to start increasing your usage.

Let's talk about your marketing materials. Let me know if there are any questions, and I will go to the General Gale support site to here in just a minute.

Once I mosey through these these tabs that we have at the top.

So marketing on your Florida License library page is organs by the individual products.

So if I am looking for everything on gale, health, and wellness, I want all the marketing materials.

If I open it up you can see I have banners.

I have bookmarks. I have email templates, flyers, social media posts, all listed here, and our social media posts.

You can see we have different twitter cards, and they are option.

1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are all different from each other.

We have posting instructions. We have a solutions.

Post, love you, your heart, social media, post. If I scroll back up, you can see we have that.

A flyer if you're looking for email templates, we have you covered.

We have email templates, we will some of our resources will have blog templates available also.

This one happens to have a bookmark. I'm gonna click onto that bookmark so you can see

And this is what it looks like. So you can print it off.

You can add your library logo. Here.

As I scroll down, I can add in my direct URL directly into, or maybe I I want.

There's another page on my library site I want to direct users to, but I can put in my direct URL right here, and they can go. This bookmark will lead them directly into gale, health and wellness


So that's the type of information that you're going to find available when you access through your Florida electronic library site.

We do have Vpad information, and also the website.

Now let's switch gears, I'm going to stay logged in.

Actually let me log out and let's say I use the second link, which is this one, and I'm going to support Dot Galecom, which is that second link that I provided for you.

And I still want to find my location. I want to log in so I don't know my location.

Id. Maybe I want to find my location this way. I'm gonna enter in my institution or Zip.

You can also allow to Google to find your location


Okay, and search

And there is my Florida electronic library site.

So I actually have 2 here available. I can select them. And hopefully, this is the right one.

That I use all the time

And it doesn't take me to the consortium page.

There we go! So I'm logged in as a Florida electronic library.

I can see. Oh, I want to change that. Actually. Let me sign out.

I want the other

There we go. Okay. So it once I'm signed in with my library site.

You can see at the top in the navigation here.

This is still I can jump back to that page that I started out training you on today.

So if I wanted to go to that Florida License Library page to go to the training Center and access any of the upcoming and and register for upcoming training.

Sessions, or view some of the recorded sessions.

I can do that. I can go to the Florida Electronic Library on page, even from my gale support page.

Now I do highly suggest bookmark. Both of these sites.

If you only want to bookmark one. Maybe it's this one, because again, this will take you back and forth, as will the other one.

The other one. If you just click on home anytime, you click on home, it's going to take you to the scale support site information.

So I either on the thefl site or directly to the support site.

It's always going. If you click on home, it's going to take you here.

And right on the homepage you have some options where you can view your products, and this will be your product list.

As I scroll down you can jump into the training center or the marketing materials.

You can see we have direct links and icons and titleists.

Mark records Vpat and Widgets are all here below.

We have our most viewed material for this week. Marketing materials and technical documents

If you want to use the top navigation, I'm gonna show you some tips and tricks here.

So if I want to brush products from, I would go to product, support and browse products.

This is going to take me to everything I need for individual products.

So let's use a different product today. Let's go into middle school

If I want to select from the list that draw that list that I have there, I can scroll, and once I click on one of those product titles, it takes me to all of my information.

Here's my direct URL, my location idea is built in, so it'll automatically take all of my users to my site and the usage will roll up to my library if I need a description, I can copy the description.

Here's your database, icons for gale and context.

Middle School mark records, titleists, Vpad information.

Here's your widget information you can switch from.

I frame, to linked or customize it, and then below is where you have all of your training materials for galing context.

Middle school. So items like professional development, materials, we have a Powerpoint presentation with training notes attached to it.

Our lessons and activities. You can see the type on the right-hand side.

We have lesson plans, projects, scavenger hunts, all available.

Our newest feature is the escape room. So we have for gallon context, middle school, ancient civilization, escape room.

So there's this project that is available. That's our newest one.

We have on-demand training materials. So what you're going to find here, there's quite a few recorded webinars available, and they're not just on galling context. Middle school.

Here's one on online learning tools within your Gale resources for K 12 schools develop your online teaching strategy with Gale.

So Gale In context, middle school was covered in these sessions, so they might not just be a general session.

But talking to you, or speaking to things that you're interested in your library like any of our gale tools, you're going to find those that information here, to our fifteen-minute, to mastery sessions.

I just want to point out our great sessions because they're short and sweet, and you can learn quick information.

And they're very specific as to what they cover. For example, 15 min semester, we're covering all the tools to support accessibility available in your gale resources.

As I scroll down, it changes from recorded webinars to tutorials.

Our tutorials are very short. They're under 3 min long, and you can see quite a few.

Here are focused on the gale tools. If you're using any of the learning management systems, such as canvas or schoology, we have that information here, too, in the tutorials, and then we take it one step further, and provide you with resource guides and tip sheets resource

Guides are going to be. So galing context, middle school resource guide is a step by step through that individual resource.

As I scroll down you can see we have some tips sheets, so here's a tip sheet on galing contact.

I'm looking at the content levels or getting the using the Gith link tool. So here, let me click on the get link tool

And again it opens here in my screen, but I can bookmark it or download this, and it'll download right on my device.

Of course you have those options here, download or print, and this is a two-page document that talks about using the get link tool to create a persistent URL or persistent link back to content within your resource so we have those printable documents too.

Available such as resource guides, and that was a and I think that when I showed you yeah, it's a tip sheet after training.

Now remember we're still in gale and context middle school.

We have all of our marketing tools, and I shared with you marketing and what it looked like on the fel site that we've created.

This is what it would look like if you were to click into the products.

And search by product. So same information is going to be here just organized, slightly differently.

There's all our social media posts, and then printable materials are at the bottom

Okay, so if I'm looking for everything for an individual product, remember, I can go to product, support browse products.

And that will take me to all of the products I have available.

I, of course, have those great filter options where I can search for a specific product.

That's how I quickly find my information product, family or provider.

I can also export all my products, and this will give me an excel spreadsheet

So a few other items under product support. We have browse ebooks.

So let me share that with you.

This is again, that list of ebooks. You can see all of the titles if you would like to export that list.

You have it that option here, or maybe you're searching for a particular title

When I click into that title is when it gives me the option for just the direct URL for that individual title. I have the cover or the mark record also available where I can download that information into a dot mark file

Let me know if there are any questions about that

If you noticed. So that was ebooks. Any product update information will be here.

So that'll be information. Also, found on our Gale blog post.

So you'll see posting in the gale blog.

But the product updates are included here. Direct Urls.

So if I just wanted again all of my direct Urls, just as I shared with you on the Fafl site, you can find that same information here, ebooks and then archives on bound are also both there.

All of my icons, for all of my resources, and you have an icon, a thumbnail.

You can download that information, you can quickly again filter it.

You will also have app icons, and then addition

So here are the app icons

And then additional

There we go! Here's some additional. So we have gale pages, which is a complementary resource site.

Or if you're using the access, my library app, that option is there?

So these are some additional icons, maybe not specific to what you have from the Florida electronic library.

But it may apply to if you have it. You've created a gale, ebooks, business collection from the Florida Electronic library ebooks.

We have an icon for you. So these are just additional ones that we've created, that folks have needed in the past.

Then you'll find them here on that additional database.

Icon, section

So we covered icons. If we're talking about your mark records you can get your mark records for the first one is going to be for some products.

If you want your ebook mark records just click on ebooks and you can download the entire.

All of the files. I will want to select either the invoice number or invoice dates.

So if you've been using your mark records in the past then, and you want the most recent purchase by fel, then, using the invoice date is going to be really helpful, because you can see here in July or June of 21 there were more ebooks.

Selected so if you've already have all of the mark records for all of your other ebooks that you've been utilizing, you know, over the years from Fl, and you just need the most recent.

You can filter down, and then once I've selected that I can download those records.

Now it says 0, because I need to select over here on the left. Next to title.

I need to select that box now. I have 120 ebooks from that June purchase that I can download

And again. That'll give you your dot mark files. Okay?

5 ebooks work the same way. Now remember your K.

5 titles. Also look within galing, context, elementary. There're already there.

They're loaded for you. They're ready to go.

So they're available in the searches and connected to all of the topic pages already for your younger users.

But if you wanted the mark records to add to your catalog you can grab that information here and it's nice because it is separated out from your general ebook collection.

So you know that if you are pulling these K. 5 ebooks, and you want to put them, you know.

Connect them with your children, librarians, and and they have a special page on your website.

Then that's a great way to use that, or you're coming from elementary schools and you want those titles.

Please be sure to download that information.

Alright. So we talked about the Mark records, titleists, vpats, and widgets.

So title is, is all of that title list, information which you may know coming to us from Florida.

I know that that has been requested that you have title list posted on your websites.

This is where you can find that information, so I can look at all of the files.

So each academic one file. I would have my excel spreadsheet here that I could download and have that entire title list all the time and publications that roll up into that one resource, so I can add that all that information to my library website additional gives you the title lists you

Can see. So books and authors, we have journals and magazines for Gale In context, elementary reference titles.

So you can see a LitFinder. Here's another resource that you have access to different excel, excel files, and even a word document with an overview.

Any change, list or title counts will also be here too.

Okay, widgets. If I just want my widgets, which we get that request often, I can just grab my widget information.

I can copy the Iframe code, or if I need it, in HTML, or I need a link.

I have all that here. HTML, is there we go.

I can change that, and add it to my library website, and it'll give me that nice widget.

Let me remind you

So it will give me this nice widget which will display here it is on my library website.

Alright, now let's look at the training center because I love how this is organized.

You have home, which is, take you to. I like to jump into a few others, but it gives you the option to browse materials, watch tutorials, view webinars.

Here's our upcoming webinars that we have.

We also have our featured themes listed here so let me talk to you about what you're gonna find when you drop down.

That menu. So you can see I have the brows by type which would be the type of training material brows by product.

Everything that I need for books and authors, scale books and authors would be by product, right?

If that was the one I'm looking for, I can jump just to the tutorials, to all the webinars or our newest feature is the content.

Specific materials. So all those options are available. Let me show you brows by type, product is pretty straightforward.

There is a tip I want to share with you about that, though.

So brows by type. I you can see I have case studies.

I have gifts, infographics, lesson plans, professional develop materials.

Those are the Powerpoints that I mentioned. Projects recorded webinars, resource guide, scavenger hunts, tip sheets, tutorials, and then you can still get to our upcoming webinars.

Here, let me share a tip sheet with you.

Cause. We have all different kinds of tip sheets and projects.

So here's one for career. Prep which is one of the resources you have access to create an account with Gale presents Peterson's career.

Prep. So if you have folks coming into your library looking for a resume builder or looking for they want to write a cover letter or do a career assessment I'll find some advice on finding a new career or interviewing for a job.

This is a great resource for them, and here's a step-by-step.

You can put it right by your your computers, and they can create and log into this resource and create.

An account. They create an account, they work on their resume.

It saves automatically to their account, and they can come back and access that resume at any time.

Of course they can download it and save that information to on their own device.

So that's just one of the tip sheets we have available.

If I go back and do projects, projects has probably got to be one of my favorite places to share information we've been adding and adding and adding, So you are going to find information like develop early research skills, teacher tips and student activity.

Let me share that with you where we have. The first page is a teacher.

Tip sheet, and then the second page is developing research skills choosing a topic.

This is for our elementary working with guale and context, elementary developing research skills.

So we've got a graphic organizer there and then, finally planning.

So it's the 3 stages invest. So starting with choosing a topic then investigating and planning, and we started all off with a document for our teachers or librarians to help them along that path

Other projects that we haven't. We've been adding new ones here, so here's the escape room.

I mentioned. Let me go, actually go into it. It is really a great tool.

There's also a great one for health and wellness.

I have to. That's right. I have to download this as a Powerpoint, and I know I have it downloaded.

Let me see if I can open this

Alright, I'm gonna share this screen hopefully. It'll share the right one.

There we go, so you can see it's a Powerpoint.

You're not seeing that. Let me know in that. Q.

A, and it gives you table of contents. Here's the instructions.

Here's the tasks there are, I think there's 8 tasks, and you are focusing on one topic.

So one topic looking at

I think it's ancient Greece right, and this gives you more information.

Printing instructions. And then here are for its ancient civilizations, for the gallon context, middle school

As we scroll down you can see we have tasks so you could print this off and have these tasks on your library pages on your library tables.

If this is something you want your students to work on, it's also a great one to share in the public library.

Over the summer. Imagine using this as a tool for your summer programming, great ideas available, no reason to reinvent the wheel when it comes to materials that you have access to, we have been creating and quite a few here at gale so that's just one idea of projects that you have available

I didn't want to go all the way back along with the other that I that I shared with you

But we have quite a few available for different. And here's the the health heart, health month, 5 day challenge.

So we have some for our health and wellness.

Resource, too independent. Gale, ebook, study, I mean, there's all kinds of great projects here.

Alright. So we talked about viewing by type. If we browse by product, there's a quick tool I wanna share with you.

So I browsed by tap product. I just want training materials. And I want them all for let's stick with our middle school gale and context, middle school

How can I share this information? I want people, other staff members, to know what we have available?

How can I share that? I can just grab this direct?

URL and share this URL with them. So right out of my browser there, I can grab that URL, and it'll take anyone I share it with right back to the spot and share all of these training materials.

Marketing works the same way. So when you filter or view by product is one, you can grab that URL, and it'll take you to all of this content.

So anytime here browse by products I can grab a link back to everything I need for gale health and wellness training center.

Same thing, brows by product, marketing materials, same thing, browse by product.

So I can do that and find everything I need for that individual resource.

Now, before I leave Training Center, I want to share with you the content specific materials

Here we have featured content, and it is monthly.

So you can see here for the month of February.

We have American heartmark, black History month, and then, if you happen to have access to you, to me, it is not a Florida lic library resource, but we do post it here to folks that have access to you to me.

You can see it's organized by month, so you can go back to.

What did we have in? We didn't have January.

Oh, yes, we did. January. The th this year.

I will, and then there's the upskilling.

You can see what we have available in February.

What's coming up in March? National Poetry month and April, and work right through that calendar down below.

We have themes that aren't organized by month.

We have once upon an author, or holding down the home front.

What am I going to find in these themes? Well, it depends on which one you choose.

So I'm gonna choose day. The dead from November

And you'll see what I have available. So I have tip sheets available in both space and English.

I also have lesson and activities available again in both Spanish and English.

So we have some projects, and we have some tip sheets available.

You can see the resources that are featured for the day of the dead content that we have

And the projects. Again, they're geared towards your users.

At that k. 12 level. So great for both public libraries, and K.

12, we have any higher LED. Folks that have future teachers in their schools.

I would definitely show them this information as a former editor I would have loved to have had this type of content available to use with my students, and they all have access to the resources from the Florida electronic library so they can utilize that information why not bring in digital resources into your future

Teachers, spectrum of tools that they have available. So again, I went into Kant.

I went into training center and content specific materials, marketing materials works the same way where I can filter by type or product.

I'm just going to click into type and show you real quick.

And then we're going to go into our usage dashboard.

So if I do want blog templates, I do want any bookmarks or email templates.

Here's all my flyers or postcards I can filter down by that information.

We even have some promotional videos. And press release templates available.

So if I am looking for flyers in my library, I can filter by flyers, and then it'll show me what products I have for this flyer.

So this one is Cameron's collection. Let me scroll down.

Here's academic, one file flyer health topics, flyer.

And this is good for ebooks, health and medicine, nursing and allied health, and also gale, health and wellness.

So you're going to find these fires that are connected to multiple resources

Okay. Finally, under my tool section, I do have the apple, my library app, and I do want to touch in this a little bit the access.

My library app is available in the Apple store, and also Google play.

This is something. Oh, I'm sorry. Florida. Electronic.

Libby is not available in Aml, so you would be able to access.

That's new information. You would be able to access your own individual libraries, resources from access.

My library, but not the Florida Electronic library resources.

If I wanted to access. Gale Admin, this would be where I would go to change any preferences for my resources, or if I wanted to pull that counter 5 usage report Gale Admin, is where I would go for that type of information and I would need my admin credentials to access

That it won't automatically take you in. It needs to verify that you are the administrator at your site.

Our tech support folks can help with that gale pages is a complementary resource site that you have available.

I can log in to the site itself, and I can log into studio.

Studio is where you can customize the site. We do have some great training materials on guil pages, studio.

We have a whole packet of information, and this is a free resource site complementary resource site that you have available.

Every customer has access to the site, and I'm again on my location.

Id so it's automatically gonna take me to my Florida electronic library gale Page and I can add in resources from other vendors.

So it's not limited to just scale. This is a great one-step shop for all of your digital resources.

You can customize it even further. This one is pretty basic.

Mine is I've got boxes on the right hand side, and and a lot of information that I've customized there.

I've got a lot of different tabs at the top.

Some are focused on. I have a business collection, and I have my ebook elementary collection, and so I've you can really customize it and take it to that.

Next level, and make it your own, especially if you aren't directly able to change information on your library website.

This is a way that a lot of our librarians are able to change information and never have to change the link.

So keep that in mind. If that's something that you're dealing with at your library, and you would like to have a little bit more control.

It's really easy to make some changes in gale pages, studio, and your customer success managers can help with that.

They're your one-on-one support for gale pages.

Technical documents and usage, dashboard. We're going into the usage dashboard technical documents.

You are going to find a lot of information on accessibility, discovery, authentication, general information.

Learning management systems. These are mark records. These are all of your tech documents.

We have usage information at the bottom again, that is, under tools.

Then, before I jump into the usage dashboard, you have the ability to connect with us your customer success manager, customer support.

These are customer service folks. You can find your sales rep, and if you need technical support, let's say you need those admin credentials.

You can reach directly out to tick gale, technical support to all from the support site.

And again, I can go back to my Florida Electronic library page here or go to my product, Urls.

Ebook Urls, or the Training Center

Alright. So let's go into the usage dashboard, and I do already have that over here.

So I can access it again. Tools, gale, usage, dashboard.

But I'm gonna give you a direct URL to the usage dashboard.

There you go! It's in the chat, but it is quite easy.

It's You will need your admin credentials to log in so username and password. And I'm going to log in

And once, I've logged in, I'm going to need my account information.

So I'm looking by location now. I have super admin credentials.

So I can see a lot more this when you log in we'll if you're at a a site that has multiple locations, then you're going to see your site and the other locations.

For example, a district or a library that has multiple branches, or you're at a college institution, and you have multiple libraries with different location ids that's what I'm going to see.

The different accounts available, but it does take you right to that spot to log in.

I am going to use my colleagues account today.

So I can share with you information that isn't private from an individual site.

So I'm gonna click into her account. And you can see I am looking at this first graph.

It's going. It's looking at from January of 22 to December of 22. So it's looking at the last year.

We don't have the January numbers in yet, because we're not done with the month, although it is flying by.

We will have that as soon as the month passes.

You're going to see that ability to find that January of 23 content available.

Now it takes me to the dashboard, and I have the ability to change the period that I am looking at now this is looking at the last year the metrics that are being covered are session searches and retrieval I can change any of this information that I want I can add more filters I

can compare dates. So those options are here too, in the upper right.

I can change the data. If I want a bar chart

An area chart. I want to print this page, which is really great.

If you have great spikes and usage, as you're seeing here, and you want to share that consistent usage in your reviews print off.

Come in here and share. I've been working on this programming very much in my library, and it's taken off.

And here's here's the results so include that in your reviews, or maybe you're looking for a you know, more funding, utilize what we have available and I'm gonna share with you a couple ideas, too, for building out collection.

And if you're looking using the usage dashboard to help build those collections so I can use, you can see here, I'm gonna go back to the graph.

I can filter to just my, I can remove.

Oh, I used to be able to. When did that change? Huh?

Interesting, so I used to be able to remove and just filter to.

Maybe it's just off a little bit today, cause a remove my sessions or searches, and just look at retrieval, and just look at that line graph but you can see here, I really am getting specific information.

I mean this metric is for October of 22.

How many sessions, searches, and retrieval I have there

Okay. As I scroll down, I'm getting the metric overview for the last year.

I can fill by month. I can put in custom period of time here, which is December to December, which.

So that's just last month, or if there were certain events, I can take a look at that. So metric overview is the one that you land on first

Okay. Now, let's talk about the different reports

This is where it gets fun, right? So I do want to point out, because I'm on my colleagues account.

She is going to have a few more reports than you're going to see on yours from the Florida Electronic library, such as literature, criticism online.

What you will find, too, is these below you do have 2 of these, so you have Peterson's career.

Prep. And also demographic. Now the rest you will not see in unless you purchase those separately for your library, but if you have the Florida electronic library resources, you won't see those extra reports there, all of your other products are going to be in your product list these are the only ones that

Have unique usage reports. So everything else, all your other gale resources are going to be in this information that we're seeing above.

So I can filter by location, by individual products. Now, locations is really helpful.

If you have more than one location. And, as I said, maybe you're at a district and all the other schools roll up to your district.

Then it's a great way to take a look and see all right.

Who are my power users within my district. I can filter by product here, and you can see I have more filter options.

I can compare. I can change the period of time. Also the metrics that I'm covered

I can download this information, or I can also print it off if I want to search for something specific, you can see on the right hand side here, Oops, I can search for that content.

So if I am looking for a specific resource, I can search by that.

You can see how they're ranked with Gil.

One file news at the top

And you'll see that in your reporting let me go back to that report list, ebook titles.

I can see what ebook titles are being accessed.

I can see how many hits if it's been printed.

Any retrieval. So this is a great way to build out your collections.

Taking a look at what ebooks are being utilized.

The most I can see. The Writers Directory here.

That's a popular publication, and there's a few volumes that have been, or this is one volume that's been accessed.

Maybe I want to add a few more volumes. If I'm seeing those types of trends with my ebooks, it helps you build out your collection.

And again I can compare that information and change the dates and the metrics, and all of that information.

You can also download and print

Going back to my reports. I can look at ebook titles by location.

So again it you have multiple locations that roll up to your main location.

Then you can look at which ones are being activeed by different locations.

I'm gonna skip over these and jump to the next section.

You have product, summary

So I can look at the individual products. They are alphabetical.

So if I wanted to look for specific product I'm looking for general. One file.

I can see that I had 11 sessions 36 searches, and 4 retrieval.

So if I'm doing some working with with users, there's resources that I've been promoting for the last month, and I want to see what's happening with those individual products.

This is a great way to do that and show those results.

I did this, you know, for the last 2 months. I'm gonna look at the next 90 days of usage.

And how did it impact? Was it worth the time? Is it beneficial?

Am I having an impact? Am I adding value? So utilize again under the reports. That's your product. Summary report

Let me know if there are any questions. If I have month over month, that's gonna show me exactly that month over month by product, you can see I'm not using amateur newspapers at all.

Whatsoever here or Stacy isn't. But I can look at that month over month lists.

So here's one business insights, essentials.

You can see what months it was getting the most usage and the total, and it's getting some searches, some sessions, and a few retrieval

Again, only Stacy is using this, and probably in a lot of her trainings.

So you're not gonna see a ton of usage there.

But you all will on your site. Same idea for month over month.

Now this is by location and products. So the first one I shared with you is by product.

This is looking at individual locations. One of my favorites is top search terms, and I need to extend this cause.

It's looking at the last month. It changes it for some reason I'm gonna apply that I I love top search terms.

You can see which products are being access. So health and wellness had 19 searches.

We have gale and context. High school had 15 searches, so I can look by individual product.

And here's my search term word Cloud, so I can see what's trending in my library, and I can again change that period of time.

I took it to the full year below. I can see some of those search terms.

A great depression. And what resource it was in kidney stones and gale, health and wellness supply chain studies in gale, business, or business insights, global, which is now good gale business insights.

So the name did recently change last month, but I can see some of the terms that are being searched for.

How many searches? If it was a retrieved search, and then my retrieval rate is here on the right hand side again I can filter and look for a individual resource.

I have a few more filters where I can filter by individual products here, too, or if I want to multi select, so if I want to remove all the products from the selection and individually select them, I can do that.

I can select all my products. You can see on the right hand side. Here all my products were selected

I can remove all my products from the selection, and just go through or search for individual products and multi-select, and then pull in those stats into my usage.


There any questions? Don't forget to ask. I don't want.

I'm trying to go at a nice slow pace if I can hear.

Okay, tap search terms. If you're using a learning management system such as canvas or schoolg, we have that report information.

And if you are again, have multiple locations that roll up, you can see what are my locations that have 0 usage.

Looking at the 2 additional usage reports that you have for those products that Gale provides for you.

But are, are not in-house at Gale, and one of those is Peterson's career process

And let me change that timeframe. Oh, it looks like I already did.

Okay. So I can see with Peterson's career. Prep.

There were 2 sessions, a user created a resume, and they utilize the find, a career.

So it's not as specific here, but we are at least able to give you some information.

So, if you do have a focus on business resources or workforce, and you're promoting building a resume.

And you see a huge jump here. That information you can at least access and have some information on what's being accessed within that individual resource.

So there's the crater as may find find a career.

There's an advice section. And then the general, how many sessions were there?

If I oh, I went all the way back. Sorry if I go into your other one, which is demographics. Now.

Good we're at the last year. I can see in demographics now what titles are.

Reports were accessed. And what type of report it was, so was it a comparison, a summary?

And how many times I can see those counts, too!

How many times does that report right along with the time period

So that's the report information you can find on the gale usage dashboard.

It is far more visual than our counter. 5 reports.

You have tools like the word cloud, you have the ability to look at top search results, and pull them into these beautiful graphs and share them again.

If you need to, with your reviews, if you are looking for your counter 5 reports, you can go to Gale Admin, and access them through the gale.

Usage portal. So we do give you that link here where you can find that information.

Few other items as were right. Towards the end of the hour.

Here I want to share with you. We do have an insight section here.

So an overview referring traffic. If you're using any referring Urls top pages, browsers, geolocation, events, mobile users.

So all of that information this is at the location level that you'll find here.

So this is just talking to you and helping you with understanding the reports accounts we already were into compare, I can compare multiple sites.

So if I did again have multiple sites that roll up to my district or my main library, I can put those location ids in here and separate them by a comma, and then compare them, and then we have some on demand information if you need some on-demand reporting you can enter in your

Location. Id your name or account number, and then search for it, and we can give you those updated daily on demand.

Report so you can get that information to alright I'm gonna go back to my Powerpoint.

Let me know if there are any questions. And I did have.

Don't forget when you are going to the gale.

Youage dashboard. You can connect with your gale customer, success manager for that one on one support.

If you are looking for your credentials, you can reach out to our tech support team and let me put their email address right here

Okay. So that is in the chat. If you need your admin credentials for those that may be watching the recording, here's the information on the screen.

Reach out to them, and they can provide you with your gale. Admin credentials for your site.

And again, just to bring it all together. Don't forget on your gale support site.

You're going to find all of that product information. The Urls titleist Mark records in the Training Center Powerpoints, tutorials project, scavenger hunts all available and marketing materials, bookmarks and flyers email templates, and blog templates social media

Posts are all available. I pulled out a couple here looking at the home page.

This is that login document I shared with you. Here's the health and wellness, the five-day challenge.

This one's from the escape room, and this is the I believe this is the middle school.

Answering, yeah, with the middle school one, and then I also threw in a gift.

So you can see all the different types of things that we have available

Looking for additional support. You have your gale, customer success managers.

There! You're one on one support. I will add their email.

It is in the follow up email, to so is technical support.

So in that follow up email, you'll receive. You'll have both of these email addresses.

But if you would like to reach out to your Csm.

Today and that wait for that email

Let me provide you with that. But it is here on the screen.

There we go. So that's in the chat, too.

Training survey should pop up when you leave this session.

But if you'd like to scan the QR.

Code and answer those questions on your phone, feel free to do that, and we'd love to get your feedback on the session.

Not only that there are some questions on there that specifically roll up to the Florida Electronic library, so we like to capture that information and provide it for the Florida Electronic library and you'll see that designated on the Survey my name again, is Tammi Burke

I'm your senior training consultant from Gale, and I thank you so much for your time today.

If there are any questions I will stay on the line and answer any of those additional questions.

If you would like to share any of your success stories, we have an Instagram account, and also a Twitter account, feel free to tag us, and we'd love to hear any success stories or anything else.

You'd like to share like we're working on this with our Guale resources, feel free to take us.

We love to see what you're doing in your libraries.

Thank you all for your time today. Have a great rest of your day and watch for that email, a link, will.

You'll find within that email link to where you can locate this recording.

But I basically told you during the webinar today, where you're gonna find it, and that's in the training center on the Florida Electronic library page.

But thank you all so much. Have a great rest of your day
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