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Gale 101- Gale Presents: Peterson's Career Prep

Discover the newly enhanced Gale Presents: Peterson's Career Prep, an invaluable resource for career exploration and preparation. Experience new enhancements that provide comprehensive tools for success for job seekers and students. Explore career assessments, resume builder, interview preparation materials, and more. Gain the skills and knowledge needed to support users as they navigate the job market and achieve their professional goals. Start the journey to success with Gale Presents: Peterson's Career Prep!

Duration: 30 Minutes
Welcome to our training session today. Explore Enhancements to Gale presents Peterson's career prep.

My name is Tammi Burke. I am your Gale Senior trainer that will be leading the session today.

Any questions that you have? Please feel free to ask in the Q&A box that is open and available.

For today's session, we will be focusing on the enhancements that have been made to Gale presents Peterson's career prop.

But I will also touch into a few of the options that are content that's available within the resource just as a refresher.

To you all today. So let's get started with our agenda where we will first talk about Peterson's career prep. Provide you with an overview.

And then we will walk through the resource. We'll spend the majority of our time doing that. Questions, any questions that you have, please feel free to ask, but at the end of today's training, I will leave you with folks you can reach out to, including your Gale customer success managers.

They are your one-on-one support in all things Gale and they'll be happy to help you with any questions that you may have about this resource, the Gale support site, the maybe you're interested in the MARC records, which I'll cover all of that today, but they can help you and assist you with all of that and so much more.

And then you'll also have contact information. That you can reach out to your rep if you are interested in speaking to your sales rep.

So I'll provide you with that at the end of today's training. Along with where you can go for additional support.

And that's our great Gale support site. So So first let's talk about Gale presents Peterson's career prep.

This resource is a great resource to find college and scholarship information. You'll also find financial aid help and so much more available within Career Prop.

If you're looking for a career, this is a great resource to use. It is based, you will find career-based assessments that users can take, which will help guide their career decisions.

It provides overviews of careers and also directly links you to open positions where you can explore and apply for jobs.

Speaking of jobs, you can create resumes and cover letters within this resource. And you can also get great care advice.

So we recently updated Peterson's career prep. And I want to share with you why these changes have been made.

The previous Petersen's experience was good, but we thought it could be better. We wanted to showcase more of the Petersen's features and then also through user interviews they showed us that content was buried in the product so we wanted to make it more visible.

So what has changed? You're going to find a new interface. Spanish language navigation. Goal setting and there's more video content available.

The new navigation? From the homepage, you're going to see that the boxes are gone in favor of clear calls to action, as you can see right here on the homepage.

There are clear options to allow for quicker access to highly use parts of the site. There's icons used throughout the site to increase clarity.

And the site is now higher contrast for easier reading.

The goal setting is a new option that's available. It really helps learners find resources that will move them towards their goals.

And this is great for both our career oriented users and also those that are still in school. And then, user backed concept where both Gale and Petersen's heard feedback that approaching a platform or resource with a goal in mind was helpful.

So this is where goal setting came from. Career Prop also has a My Resources section. In this is where users can save their content.

So in favor of that goal setting, more types of content can be saved and is really easily accessible right from the My Resources section of the resource.

The it also is a great way to easily drive repeat usage. Of the resource when everything lives in one place so you can access that folder that section within the resource and go directly to content that you were either previously working on or that you are interested in the most.

We've also add the ability to navigate the site and spanish so users can use the navigation at the top.

And change from English to Spanish.

By simply clicking Espanol in the top left-hand corner. If you would like to translate say one of the assessments in Find a Career or the page and find a career.

What you can do is you can write-click and use the Google Translate option from your browser.

But the navigation you do have the ability to translate that right within the resource.

So with that, let's jump into Gale presents Peterson's career prep. If there are any questions, let me know.

I am keeping an eye on the Q&A box. So since we talked about Spanish, let's start there.

In the upper left-hand corner, we have tech support and also the Spanish translation. If I choose a Spaniel, I want to show you what it looks like on the page.

There we go. So you can see it translates our navigational tools, which we're going to cover here in a moment and everything on the home page.

Let's go back to English.

Now looking at the home page, I do have the ability to log in to my account. Let me log out.

Real quick, it automatically logs me in. One moment here. There we go. Little bit of a glitch.

Okay, so log in.

And I'm on my computer so it's going to put my email address and password and pull it right in because I saved it that way.

To make it easy on me, but if I want to sign up, I can choose that sign up, sign up option on the left hand side and I have the ability to sign in with my first name, last name, email address, and password.

Now, we do hear sometimes that, especially with our schools that you don't want to use an email address.

So to avoid using an email address, you can still sign up without using an email address. We do.

Offer this disclaimer that if you are not using an email address, just please remember your username and password.

Because you'll need it every time you log in to continue your progress. And that's why you want to create an account on this resources to continue your progress to pick up where you left off to go back into that resume, make some simple edits, and download it so you're ready to go again or go back into your career assessments and explore those jobs a little further.

Those career paths a little further. You really want to create an account on this resource for those reasons and you need to to explore any further but please remember if you're not using your email address and if pulled in my My email here, I could use a different username.

I wouldn't want to use my email address here if I don't want my email address out there.

And then I would want to use a different username. But what I'm point of my message here is to remember that username or password because every time you log in you want to continue that progress if you lose this info your account will not be retrievable anymore.

So that is one thing to note but you can Sign up with create an an account with your email address or without so both options are available So I'm going to log in.

And once I log in. Were to click into my resources because I have been in here before and everything that I've added to my resources are going to be there and available.

So let me show you what that looks like. So here are my resources and I have saved some information.

I can save schools that I'm interested in. Scholarships, jobs. I can put all of that information here along with setting a goal.

So let's go back to that homepage and talk a little bit more about what information would I be even placing in my resources?

Well, I have the ability to browse my menu. I can of course search searches at the top.

I can browse menu here in my top navigation or right here in the center of my page.

So browse menu where I can find a school or explore a career. Now if you look at the homepage, that's these 2 sections also that have these handy icons.

Find a schooler scholarship, explore career options. So maybe the path I want to take, I prefer to quickly jump in, choose browse menu.

Explore careers and then I want to go directly to job search. I can do that by using the browse menu.

But. Maybe I want to take that path using the Explorer Care options. I can do that too.

Click on Explore Career Options. And here our career advice, find a career, online resume builder, and then there's my job search engine.

So 2 paths. The browse menu, either here on the home page or here in the upper right-hand corner.

Or using my call to action buttons here. There's still yet another path. Where here I get a little bit more explanation on what is in career tools, that section, and these are linked out to where I can.

Quickly jump to job search if I choose. Same with our Find a Schooler Scholarship. I have 3 sections.

School search scholarship or financial aid quiz. And then finally at the bottom of my page, I have that ability to set a goal.

When I set a goal, any resource I choose So let's say I want to

Add the school search tool. It's going to live, I've added quite a few of these.

It's going to live in the My Resources section right on that homepage. So that's how I can add that goal.

Is by choosing one of those categories. So then what happens is in the My Resources, which is either again here at the top.

Or here if I scroll all the way back up I'll see it here on my home page.

You can see I set those goals of find a school or scholarship and I also set those courses here too.

So these are all 3 part of my goals.

Alright. Going back to that homepage.

So that's what I'll find on the homepage. That's new. It looks different, but we have those, like I said, very simple call to action with explanations below each of those icons here on the homepage you'll find an explanation to each of these categories.

So let's explore, find a school or scholarship.

Now again, when I click into one of those 2 buttons, I have my options. Listed here where I have courses.

I have information about that course, so that's new. And then I have that ability to add this to my resources.

I've added a few already to my resources, so I've added the course really. It's the tool the scholarship search tool.

Where I can find awards and grants. And I also added the financial aid quiz. And this is a quiz that tests your knowledge about key financial aid information.

And this is great. For those students or parents that are maybe first year kids at college, this is a really, really helpful tool.

I have 3 in college so I can speak to using these resources and using them often and finding great content.

I actually was just in here and I'll model it for you. But in here looking for scholarships and We're Italian, so there was one about for, you know, students.

That are going to college that are Italian. And so I didn't even know it existed. Until I found it here in the resource.

So you're going to find that type of content. Available here within Peterson's career prep.

Okay, so let's go into Search School Search tool.

And here I can, I can filter by a lot of options here on the left hand side. I can do a search by keyword at the top.

On the left hand side I can search by school but I can also switch to scholarship so I don't have to go back out to that course I can switch here if I if I'm interested in doing that.

But if I were to choose from our previous path where we just were, if I choose scholarship, then it would take me to this screen.

Here. So anyhow, the nice thing is right here I have both options available. I don't have to go back out to switch between them.

Looking for a school type I have undergrad or graduate Am I interested in distance learning? And then I have all of these limiters on the left hand side that I can use to find my school.

Maybe I'm looking for a certain School size. Like I want 14 2 and I can Let's do 8 to 13,000.

I want a little bit smaller schools. And you can see it automatically adjusts and it's pulling up schools from.

All over. The US that I'm seeing in my results here.

If I want to remove that, I just click on it and it'll open it all back up.

Maybe I'm interested in a certain location. I want to stay closer to home. I'm in Michigan.

So let's choose Michigan. And here are the universities that are available. I can save any of these schools.

To my resources section. So if I click into Let's go to Michigan's on here. Let's go to Kettering.

I can see I know that this is a private institution. I know that they are. No for their engineering for sure, but you can look at their where their location is majors and degrees tuition and fees.

Student body and if there's any pictures and I can save this to my schools

So it'll add it here in a moment that's working. I can go back.

And then I can explore another school. Maybe I'm interested in Grand Valley. This is a small town.

And there is a, looks like there's an image that Isn't showing up here, but usually what we see here is the logo.

So that is probably still to come. But again, all that same information and then I can again share this or save this to my saved schools.

Now if I go back again. And now maybe I'm interested in looking for scholarships. And I want undergrad scholarships.

And I'm looking for let's do. I don't wanna keep it to if I do state of residence then it's going to remove the national ones.

Maybe I want an award certain award type. I'm looking for all the scholarships Yeah, no scholarships.

And it automatically filters that information down for me. Now at this point, if I click into a scholarship, So let's go.

You can see that it tells me it's an undergrad scholarship. What I'm going to need, I do have that ability to apply right on.

It takes me to their website and I can apply. When the application deadline is due, very important. And then all of the details.

So I have DETAILS, eligibility requirements, how to apply. I can save this again to my scholarships here.

I can download this as a PDF. Here's the loan amount or the I'm sorry the low amount awarded so that it's might be an award that has you know from 2,500 up to a certain amount and then I can again save this to my scholarships.

So I have that in 2, 2 places.

Alright, so that's our school and scholarship and then that that financial Financial Aid Quiz, let me just share that with you real quick what that looks like.

So this is going to be more of that practice test. So this is testing your knowledge. To find out you know it's you don't know what you don't know so it's a practice test to really help you answer questions about financial aid.

Okay, now let's go back to that homepage. I could have gone to the browse menu also, but I want to go to everything under Explore careers.

So I want this larger button here to access. Because here I see all of the categories I have available.

Where I have again. Information about the course. And the ability to add to my resources. If I wanted to add all of these to my resources, I could.

I have that option here at the top. Now career advice.

Here you're going to find a library. Of virtual career advice. So you can see everything from Job searching advice to cover letters.

To transitioning out of the military to overseas jobs or working for the government. And some of these have, you know, up to, has multiple units like this one has 41 different topics available.

So on the left hand side, I can, if I wanted to jump to, maybe I'm already interested in hiring preferences for veterans.

I want to jump to that category. I can. I can jump to that section. Or I can go through all of these.

Okay, and each one has like this is this only has one here. This has 10 different units available or an unit should say in this unit, you can see all of the sections that we have available.

Okay, if I want to remove that and just work through Each page I can, I have navigation in the upper right hand corner where I can go directly to the next page.

I have the option to print and download this information.

And then if I want to bring back that sidebar. All I do is click on that more button in the upper left hand corner here.

Okay. Finding a career? This is where you're going to find these great career assessments.

Now the first time you log in, you'll see this my journey, which which helps take you through this process.

What you need to do is actually complete 2 assessments. There's 4 available. You need to complete at least 2.

Now I've done interests and values, but there's also personality and workplace preferences. Once you've completed 2 and you can retake these at any time, you can when you click into them, you can get a summary of this information, print, download that information.

Both options are available. This is great for students too. You to share, especially if they're sharing it with their teachers.

On the right hand side you have some reflection questions and additional information. But once I've completed 2, I can then explore my career.

Matches. Did you see where that was at? Up here, explore career matches. I won't have this option available until I've completed 2 assessments.

Because I have to have something to connect to my career matches. And there's my career matches. So I have a subject area.

I can see on the right hand side if these are very strong connection or if I scroll down here you'll see my very strong is really low when it comes to finance.

I also can view by subject area or I can just view all my careers. Well if I click into education.

I can see all of my very strong matches on the left-hand side I have some limiters available.

So if I did want to eliminate any others or I wanted to look at just very strong and strong, I can do that and it automatically adjusts so it's going to remove the good fare or weak connections that I have there.

Once I click into. Let's click into Secondary Teachers. I get more information on that career.

This was a very strong match for me and I get a description. I have information about the job, what I would be doing.

Programs, abilities, knowledge skills on the right hand side is where you're going to find great video content, the average salary, you might want to look at local salary information.

And then what degrees are required and the list goes on. Of information on the right hand side. Okay, I can add this to my favorites and it'll live in my favorites.

The next section is actually looking for, I'm sorry, we were in assessments, careers is where we were, so that takes me back to careers.

The next section is jobs where I can look for a job and I want to bring in those strengths.

So is it a very strong connection to that job or am I looking do I want multiple I can wall select and I have again some limiters here on the right hand side.

The last section. Here is Tools, and this has been here. Nothing new here. This is a little bit of a review, but you're going to find additional tools on writing a resume and cover letters and there's some great worksheets available that you can download.

These are really great to use and have a available in your library or use with our higher ed students or even our K 12 students.

I should say high school students. Do you have middle schoolers though that use this this resource too? You also have your online resume builder and I'm just going to touch in this to this briefly.

Oh, I do. Hold on. I have that one open here. Save us a little bit of time.

So I logged in. To my account and I have some resumes available, I can create a brand new resume.

I can copy an existing or if I want to use an existing resume, I can pull in or upload a resume that I have in my computer and then customize it here.

So that option is available to pull in that content. If I want to use it example content, so this is prewritten examples to jump start my resume.

I can do that or I can start from scratch. I wanted to use an existing resume I can also use information from my LinkedIn profile.

If I wanted to use example.

Maybe I'm looking for entry. Oh, there it is. It populated for me. I can search by job title or I can scroll through.

My list and I can preview or select. So maybe I am interested in entrepreneur. Now once I, if I've either uploaded my resume or I, this in this.

For today's training, I used a resume example, then it automatically loads here for me.

Now I have some options. I can change the colors on the page if I would like to. I could change the fonts, the font size, all those options are available.

The page layout is here if I wanted to adjust where the page breaks are. I already did resume examples.

I can import my resume, but I also have templates available. So if I don't like that blue template, maybe I want to use, I use the orange one all the time.

Let's use a screen one.

And then you can, you can customize each section. You can add a website, you can see it walks you through.

If I want to move a section up or down, I have those arrows available. I can click right in and start editing the information here.

If I choose the little pencil

That will open a new box, a pop-up where I can do, you know, this might be where I want to edit my work.

And then as soon as I close it, it'll add that new information here.

One thing I want to cover is settings because my settings I have 3 options for privacy. Export only gives you the option to download this as a PDF or a Word document.

Unlisted gives you the option to still download it, but you also get a shareable URL that you can customize.

Public does the same thing as unlisted, but the only difference is is that your personal information can be indexed by search engines.

So it gives you that URL, but you want to be careful because you may not want your personal information out on the web.

So unlisted might be the route to go if you're interested in a shareable URL.

But you still want to keep your information private. And then I can save that information there.

And then of course I have that link here. Now I can share it.

Or I can download.

Preview mode is also here at the top. Now I'm going to go from resumes to websites.

I could go back to the homepage and then go to web scroll down to websites but I'm just going to use my navigation at the top here.

I don't have any websites pinned, but here's a resume example. So it will pull in what it'll ask me when I start Let me go back.

If I create a new one, it'll ask me if I want to copy my information in. From a resume.

And then it will give me the option. To select one of my formats and it'll pull in all my information from my resume that I just worked on.

And then I have all kinds of great tools on the left hand side similar to what we were looking at.

I can even if I wanted to change the image I have some options on changing the image in the here in the background.

Right here it says background. You can upload a different image if you like. And then cover letters.

Again, cover letters are here. There, there's, I don't have any cover letters pinned, so I would want to create a new one.

Here's an example of a cover letter. And it does provide you with an example where you can just edit in the information, of course, cover letters really need to be customized, which hopefully your users understand that.

Career Journal is the last section I want to touch into. This is great, especially for your students.

And even at the higher ed level to help them organize. Any awards that they've received, any work that they've done, research projects, that type of information, this is a great place to keep this career journal and all the information just so that you can quickly jump in here and be like, oh yeah, that's right.

And I earned it at this date and I can add that into my resume. So that's what the career journal is essentially a way to keep you organized and keep all those awards or certificates or that type of information in one spot where you're working on your resume.

Alright, so and then again, job search engine. If I open that up, it gives me the option to go to government jobs or non-government jobs and it opens up indeed.

Okay, so again, and just a quick review enhancements. You can see the homepage has changed.

The navigation is changed. We have these call to action buttons here on the homepage. And then we also have the ability to set a goal.

Once I add courses or set goals, they all live in the My Resources section. Where on the very first section I can see any goals I've set.

The my school section any schools that I've saved are here and I can remove those at any time.

My scholarships, same idea, and my jobs which I didn't save any would also live here too.

But it all is nice and organized in the My Resources section, which is again at the top of my page, or if I'm on the homepage right here at the top.

The nice thing is if I'm scrolling down I can quickly jump to my resources from no matter where I'm at within the resource because this menu or this contextual toolbar.

Floats with me.

All right, let me go back to my PowerPoint because I want to share with you where you can go for additional support and that's our Gale support site.

And you're going to find on your Gale support site, access URLs, title lists, there's mark records available, there are mark records available to the hub pages within your Peterson's resources.

Widgets and icons. In the training center, this is where you're going to find tip sheets.

We recently just started adding toolkits. You'll see the Petersen ones will be updated there soon.

There's also recorded webinars including this one. Training decks and lesson plans all available and in our marketing materials if you're looking to share this information with your library community.

Or at your university or at your school with your, you know, your counselors. This is a great one to share with.

Councillors, a great one to share with any courses I have I know at the high school level there's like personal finance and you may have students working on resumes there.

But those marketing materials, bookmarks and posters, but there's also great templates and social media posts ready to go.

So if you are looking to promote this on your library website or share this with your library community, please use the marketing materials we have.

OK, let me know if there are any questions. The last thing I want to share again is Mark Records.

If you're interested in this and you're not really sure where to go on the support site it is under product support you'll see a mark record section.

But I do have some folks that can help you with all of that and those folks are your customers. So I highly suggest reaching out to your Gale customer success managers.

Their email is here on the screen. It will also be in your follow-up email. They can help you with anything related to Gale so they can help you with that one on one support.

If you'd like to connect with your sales consultant, you can find your sales consultant in our Rep Finder here on the support site.

Of course the Gale support site is listed here and the training survey should pop up when you leave today.

But feel free to scan this QR code and give us some feedback on this session, especially if you are using this resource or planning to use it in the future, you'll see options there in the survey.

Please let us know because we do share that information and we love to hear how you're planning to maybe you have some some career planning or career programming coming up job searching, that type of, especially in the new year, this is a great resource that's ready to go for you all and you can utilize within your libraries.

So that wraps our session today. I will stay on if there's any additional questions, but thank you so much for all of your time today and I hope you join us again in the future.

Thank you, everyone.
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