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Last Updated: June 28, 2022

ChiltonLibrary - Labor Estimates

This tutorial shows you how to find labor estimates for automotive repairs within ChiltonLibrary.

Start by selecting the vehicle
you're interested in.

To do this, from the Vehicle Selector
on the home page use

the dropdown menus to select
the vehicle year, make and model.


then click select.

[SOUND] Once you've selected a vehicle,
the available data for

that vehicle is displayed.

If labor estimating information is
available, click the labor estimating

link, or tab, to view estimates for
the vehicle you've selected.

If this category does not appear for the
vehicle you've selected, that means that

Chilton Library does not yet have this
information available for that vehicle.

You can search for
specific labor operations or

repairs by using the search box.


you can view all operations by
clicking the view operations button.

When viewing all operations,
select the system, a subsystem,

and then an operation from the list
of defined labor operations.

[SOUND] You can view
labor time estimates for

regular service that results
from normal vehicle use or

for service that results from
severe operating conditions

such as high mileage,
lack of maintenance, or abuse.

Original equipment manufacturer or
dealer estimates are provided along with

regular and severe estimates
calculated by Chilton editors.

By default,
regular service estimates are provided.

Click the severe button to view
estimates for severe conditions.

[SOUND] Note, Chilton Library does
not provide local labor costs.

However, once you know
the number of hours for

an operation,
you can research rates in your area.

When you combine the rate with
the labor times provided in

Chilton Library you should have a good
idea of what a repair might cost.

Use the bread crumb trail to
navigate backwards to an operation,

subsystem, or system.

Click the Search Operations button
to return to the search box.

Click the Select a vehicle link to find
labor estimates for another vehicle.

Use the tabs in the banner to
navigate to another category or

to select a different vehicle.
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