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Last Updated: June 28, 2022

ChiltonLibrary - Technical Service Bulletins

This tutorial shows you how to access technical service bulletins and recalls for the make and model of your choice in ChiltonLibrary.

Start by selecting the vehicle
you're interested in.

To do this,
from the Vehicle Selector on the homepage,

use the drop down menus to select
the vehicle year, make, and model.

And then click Select.

Once you've selected a vehicle,
the available data for

that vehicle is displayed.

If bulletins and recalls information is
available, click the Bulletins Recall link

to view a list of technical service
documents for the vehicle you selected.

If this category does not appear for
the vehicle you selected, that means that

Chilton Library does not yet have this
information available for that vehicle.

Here, you'll find a link to bulletins
along with the technical service bulletin

number, the date issued, and
the note describing the document type.

You can browse the list, or use
the Advanced Filter if you're researching

a specific system or symptom, or
know the diagnostic trouble code.

As you make selections,

the list of bulletins is
narrowed to reflect your choices.

Use the Quick Search feature to search for

bulletins by the Technical Service
Bulletin number or by Keyword.

When using the Quick Search feature,

enter a Technical Service Bulletin number
or a Keyword and then click Search.

Click on a bulletin name or number to
view or print a PDF of the bulletin.

Use the tabs in the banner to
navigate to another category or

to select a different vehicle.
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