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Last Updated: June 28, 2022

ChiltonLibrary - Vehicle Maintenance

This tutorial shows you how to find maintenance schedules for the make and model of your choice within ChiltonLibrary.

Start by selecting the vehicle
you're interested in.

To do this, from the vehicle
selector on the home page,

use the dropdown menus to select
the vehicle year, make, and model

And then click Select.

Once you've selected a vehicle,
the available data for

that vehicle is displayed.

If maintenance information is
available click the maintenance link

to view maintenance schedules for
the vehicle you selected.

If this category does not appear for
the vehicle you selected, that means that

Chilton Library does not yet have this
information available for that vehicle.

Use the vehicle configuration filter
to select characteristics and

operating conditions for
the vehicle you're researching.

Start by selecting a sub model.

As you make selections, the menu is
updated to reflect valid selections for

your vehicle model such as fuel type,

number of cylinders, drive type,
body type and transmission type.

Note, you can only select
characteristics that are valid for

the vehicle you are researching.

Once you select an operating condition
you are shown the recommended maintenance

schedule for the vehicle configuration and
operating condition you specified.

To change the mileage interval, enter
a mileage number in the Enter Mileage

box to view the recommended service
interval for mileage entered.

Click the Look Back and
Look Ahead links to move backward or

forward to the next
recommended service interval.

Click the View Full Chart link if you
want to see the full maintenance chart

with all service internals.

Note, in some cases we may only
have the full chart for a vehicle.

When the full chart is
the only choice available,

it will automatically be displayed without
any selections required by the user.
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