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Last Updated: December 14, 2022

ChiltonLibrary - Repair Manuals

This tutorial shows you how to select a vehicle and navigate repair manuals in ChiltonLibrary.
Start by selecting the vehicle
you are interested in.

To do this, from the Vehicle Selector
on the home page,

use the drop down menus to select
the vehicle year, make, and model.

And then

click Select.

[SOUND] Once you've selected a vehicle,

the available data for
that vehicle is displayed.

If repair information is available,
click the Repair link or

tab to view the repair manual for
the vehicle you selected.

If this category does not appear for
the selected vehicle, that means that

Chilton Library does not yet have this
information available for that vehicle.

[SOUND] On the left side of the screen,

you'll find all of the topics
covered in the manual.

Select a topic from the list.

[SOUND] As you select topics,
detailed information

on the repair will appear on
the right side of the screen.

[SOUND] If animated instructions or
videos are available,

click the link to view them.

[SOUND] Use the tabs

in the banner to navigate to another
category or to select a different vehicle.
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