Product Updates

Updates to Gale’s Award-Winning Literary Series


Coming January 18th, Gale is making exciting changes to how researchers view articles in some of Gale’s most trusted and popular series for literary analysis and biography including, Literature Criticism OnlineDictionary of Literary Biography Complete Online, and Something About the Author Online.

We heard you and in response to customer requests and to meet the preferences of researchers, these resources will default to a single page view. This new view retains the integrity of the original print volume, while allowing for easier reading through a more targeted, larger presentation of each page in a view that accommodates digital reading preferences.

Articles remain within the context of the volume allowing researchers to assess the structure of each entry devoted to a work, topic or author.  For those users who prefer a traditional 2-page spread, they may click on the icon located at the top of the page.


This improvement fosters deeper engagement with Gale’s award-winning literary series and is the first of many improvements to come for these products. Speak with your sales representative today for special incentives on acquiring new Gale literature series and standing order savings before March 30, 2019.