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Exciting Enhancements for Gale Small Business Builder


Starting a small business can be a lonely journey. Without a team or knowledgeable adviser, many entrepreneurs are not prepared for the isolation they encounter when they are deep into planning their business. As a result, we are delighted to announce several enhancements to Gale Small Business Builder, making it an even more collaborative online planning tool for business planning.

Dedicated set of mentoring tools

Gale understands the importance of mentoring relationships in the entrepreneur’s journey. Now, Gale Small Business Builder features a dedicated module that supports those relationships, allowing mentors to fill knowledge gaps along the way.

The module:

  • Supports unlimited mentee-to-mentor and mentor-to-mentee relationships so that users can tap into the expertise of multiple potential mentors, and mentors can share their knowledge and experience with multiple mentees.
  • Provides in-app user notifications modeled on familiar social media platforms.

Improved scenario creation and management

Scenario planning plays an important role in creating a successful business that can thrive under various operating conditions. By modeling different contingencies, companies build resilience and can react faster to changes in the market. The concept of scenario planning and management is now enhanced and more visible in Gale Small Business Builder.

Streamlined accounts that support business plans for multiple companies

Gale Small Business Builder now allows users to create multiple business ideas and plans under a single set of credentials. Existing users who would like to consolidate their accounts can send us a request at [email protected]

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