PowerSearch Plus Web Order Form Instructions Guide

The PowerSearch Plus form is your tool in providing us with access information to connect your online resources to PowerSearch Plus.  The instructions below will outline the step-by-step process of adding this crucial data. 


PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for contacting your individual database publishers and catalog providers to allow PowerSearch Plus to search your non-Gale data sources. The PowerSearch Plus application will not retrieve results from any of your publishers database products or library catalogs until this access is provided through the completion of the form


Step 1. General Setup:

Proxy Setup: if you have a proxy server, please ensure that the data on the form is complete.  If you have no proxy server, then ignore this field.


You can also select the maximum number of results retrieved, and query timeout. If the timeout is set at a higher number, it will allow more time to get results from your selected data sources. If set at a lower number, it will return results quicker but may not include results from data sources taking a longer time than others.


Step 2. Select the Vendor.


You can select from the various Database Vendors available on the site.  You can also select free Internet sites that you wish to cross-search, as well as your Library Catalog (OPAC).  Note that the Internet Sites are free and do not count against your connector purchase (only Public and Academic pricing is by connector quantities). 


To get started, simply select the Vendors List button under Tools.  You will then be taken to a form that will list all of the available databases (connectors) from that particular vendor. 


Step 3. Select the Database (connector)


To select a database, check the box in front of the database, then complete the Login Name, Password, or IP Address. 


As noted above, this information needs to be specific to PowerSearch, as it may not be the same login information you are using to gain access to the database from your library’s home page.  Several publishers allow searching via an API with unique authentication parameters that is different from what you currently use. Please confirm this data with your vendor before adding it to the form.  You should inform them that access is required by Groxis, Inc. to perform a PowerSearch of their dataset(s).


Once you have selected the database(s), as shown in the image below, enter the Login ID and Password, and select the Submit button.


You can update your list of databases as often as you like.  Note that within every page, you will have a counter listing the number of databases (connectors) you have purchased, the number of databases you already selected, and your remaining balance.  Internet Sites and Gale (RDS and others) databases do not count against your purchased databases (only Public and Academic pricing is by connector quantities).  When you make updates/deletions, please note that there will be a 24 hour turnaround for the changes to take affect.


Whenever you make a change to your selection, you always have the option to Set Default(s) -  see the image below.  This allows you to select 3-4 desired databases that will always be searched, and the rest of the databases can be searched by the end user as they see fit.  This allows you to limit how much data is returned as to not overwhelm your end user.



Step 4.  Logging Off


Before you log off, make sure that you have submitted any changes to any of the database page.  You can select to view your existing selections by clicking on View My Connectors , or you can select to Logoff to exit the tool. 



You can repeat the above step as many times as you like or as information becomes available for you to input.  We realize that you may not have all of the data all at once, and hence you are given login information to come back to the form as many times as needed.  Providing you clicked the Submit button on all of your selections, all of this information will not require re-entry the next time you access the form.  You can also add additional databases, or if you wish to change your selection, you can remove databases -by un-checking those you no longer wish to cross-search within PowerSearch Plus.  


If you should need assistance, please contact our Technical Support @ 800-877-4253 option 4 or via email @ Gale.TechnicalSupport@cengage.com