EZ-Proxy Configurations

An example of what an ezproxy.cfg file should contain is displayed below.  In this example, replace Location_ID with your actual identifier.  If you need help locating your identifier or have any questions regarding your set up of EZ-Proxy with your Gale subscriptions, please contact Technical Support.  Detailed information regarding EZ-Proxy database definitions can be found on this Website.

For Gale Interactive Science you only need to add: HJ cyberadmin.gofullstack.net   to your EZProxy Config File

Title Gale/Infotrac/PowerSearch Databases

URL http://infotrac.galegroup.com/itweb/Location ID
Host link.galegroup.com
Host search.rdsinc.com
DJ galegroup.com
DJ readspeaker.com
DJ nelnetsolutions.com
HJ cyberadmin.gofullstack.net
# NeverProxy apis.google.com
# NeverProxy library.demographicsnow.com
# NeverProxy terc.nelnetsolutions.com

If you are still having issues accessing content it may be due to certificate errors . To address this you can uncomment the last 2 lines of the stanza by removing the # character. Save your changes then restart the proxy server.