Gale Virtual Reference Library MARC and Archive Copy FAQs

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Download Instructions

About the Archive Copy

  • What is the archive copy?
    The archive copy is an XML version of the text of the title. (Also see 'Is the archive searchable' below)

  • How do I obtain the archive copy?
    When your title is published, you will receive an email from Gale Archive [] with complete instructions. The archive copies are offered either as downloads or on a CD.

  • How much time do I have to download my archive copy?
    You have thirty (30) days to download your archive(s) from the date you receive your notification e-mail. After 30 days, you may contact Technical Support (1-800-877-4253 Option 4) to re-activate your order.

  • If I decline the Terms of Use, can I re-enter the archive site?
    Yes. As long as you have not downloaded your archive(s), you can re-enter the archive site through the link found on your notification e-mail. Please contact Technical Support for assistance.

  •  Is the archive copy searchable?
    There is no search software on the CD or in the download files. The search capability resides on the Gale servers. You will be provided with a separate URL to access the searchable content.

  • How can I open and read the archive copy of my eBook?  

  1. Unzip and extract the eBook(s) XML archive that you downloaded.

  2. Once you have extracted the .xml files, you can open and view the content using any word processing application. Some examples include Microsoft Word, WordPad, Simple Text, TextPad, etc.

  3. Using the File/Open feature of your word processor, open one of the directories, such as ISBNxxx_01.xml. (Volume 1) Note that some word processors don't expect the XML extension, so you must request All Files (*.*) in the extension area of the screen.

  4. Now open one of the articles in that volume.

  • Again, please remember that database access is through Gale servers only and this archive copy is for fulfillment purposes and is legally required.

    • If I am supporting multiple locations, is there a copy for each location?
      No. Gale will provide one archive copy of each eBook on an invoice, regardless of the number of sites that are associated with that invoice.  

    About eBook MARC records

    • How do I recognize the MARC records in my downloaded eBook archives?
      You will recognize your MARC records by their file extension: ".mrc".

    • Are the MARC records available on
      Yes, MARC records are avalible on the following page at Your archival download will also contain MARC records, however these MARC records do not contain an 856 link.

    • Who provides the MARC records?
      Gale provides the MARC records as a service to its customers.

    • Are there URLs in the MARC records?
      Yes. When you download the MARC records from, we include a link in the MARC 856 field. A URL from the MARC record links the user directly into that eBook on Gale Virtual Reference Library. Your archival download will also contain MARC records, however these MARC records do not contain an 856 link.

    Contact Us

    • Who should I contact for more information?
      Contact Gale Technical Support via email at or via phone: 1-800-877-4253 Option 4. Customers outside of the U.S. and Canada, please contact our International Technical Support via email at