Gale Virtual Reference Library eBook Archive Download Instructions

    1.) Create a download folder for the archives

  • Begin by creating a directory on your drive that will contain the compressed files
  • Place this directory under the root directory of drive C (i.e., C:GVRL). 
  • Click the link for the title you wish to download.

    2.) Download the archives files

  • Click on or copy/paste the URL into your web browser
  • Read through the Terms of Use and click "Accept" or "Decline" (Accept will take you to the download page; Decline will exit the browser.)
  • Check the box(es) for the title(s) you wish to download. 

    Note: By default, all titles will be selected with a checkmark. You may de-select one or multiple titles as you wish.

  • Click on the button that says: "Download Now."
  • You will be prompted on how to handle the compressed file.

    Note: If your file exceeds 600MB, you will be given a warning message indicating possible long download time, and the option to order a CD-Rom instead.

  • Choose to save the file to disk. Depending on your browser, wording may vary (e.g., "Save to Disk," "Save File," or "Save it to disk" are typical choices.
  • Choose the directory that you created as the location on your computer for these files.
  • The filename of the compressed file appears in the Save As dialog box (e.g., Feel free to rename this file to reflect the name of the eBook title.
  • Click either "OK" or "Save"
  • If the zipped file was successfully downloaded, follow the prompt to indicate that the download was successfully completed. If the download failed, specify that it had done so. 

    Note: If the download did not prompt to save to a location, enable downloads in Internet Explorer. 

    Note: If the download fails after 3 attempts, call 800-877-4253 (option 4) with your invoice number to have your download reactivated.

  • If you are downloading your archives one by one, go to the next title and follow the previous steps until the order is complete.


3.) Contents of the archives

  •  No action is required on the files with extension .xml. There is no need to install them. They can remain stored indefinitely.
  • XML files are not used for accessing Gale Virtual Reference Library nor are they immediately searchable. 
  • Feel free to have the archives copied to a CD-R disc.

1.) Open Internet Explorer
2.) Go to the Tools menu and choose Internet Options
3.) Click on the Security tab
4.) Click once on the Internet Icon
5.) Click on the Custom Level button 
6.) Scroll down to "Downloads"
7.) Under the File Download selection, click "enable"
8.) Click OK and OK again to close those windows
9.) Close all Internet Explorer windows and restart for changes to take effect. 
10.) Click on the first link in your notification email to attempt your download. 

1.) Click on the first link in your notification email or copy and paste that link into your browser.
2.) After accepting the Terms of Use, follow the instructions on your download page, and click on the button that says: "Download"
3.) Click on the Title to download
4.) An "unhandled file type" dialog prompt will be presented. 
5.) Choose Save as "download.asp"
6.) The download will begin in Download Manager and will show progress while downloading. When that has been completed: 
7.) Double click on the file that was just downloaded. It will be named in an all-number format. 
8.) Open with the Stuff-it expander and choose desktop -- Stuff-it expander will begin extracting files
9.) Stuff-it expander will extract the files to a folder of the same name onto the desktop. 
10.) Go to file open and choose from desktop and click on the new folder that was created.