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Last Updated: August 03, 2021

Gale LegalForms - Tools and Resources

This tutorial explores tools within Gale LegalForms, including Legal Definitions and Legal Q&A.
Gale's Legal Forms Library is an

extensive collection of three forms,

including official, State-specific,

Federal, business, personal, real estate,

and general forms, covering hundreds

of legal subjects and issues.

Along the left side of the screen,

you'll find a number of tools and resources,

including a dictionary of legal terms,

links to Federal and State tax forms,

an attorney directory, links to other websites,

a law digest, as well as legal questions and answers.

Click on the Legal Definitions tab

to access a dictionary of legal terms.

(mouse clicks)

Click on the Tax Forms tab to access links

to Federal and State tax forms.

(mouse clicks)

Click on the Attorney Directory tab

to access a listing of attorneys

by state and by practice.

(mouse clicks)

Click on the External Links tab

to access websites on related topics.

(mouse clicks)

Note, these links are not associated

with Cengage Gale or U.S. Legal Forms.

Click on the Law Digest tab

to access a digest covering legal topics,

agencies, and individuals.

(mouse clicks)

Click on the legal questions tab

to access a list of legal questions and answers

on various topics.

(mouse clicks)

Questions are arranged by category and state.

(mouse clicks)
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