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Norton Personal Firewall and Referring URL

Last Updated: January 01, 2017

One common method of authentication is Referring URL. Referring URL uses the address of a webpage that the Gale link is embedded in as the authentication method. It is required that Referring URL be enabled on a page that is secured. For example, a webpage that is located behind a login prompt for remote students or a webpage that requires a password for access.

Referring URL access typically works quickly and seamlessly, but there are a few situations that will cause difficulties when using this authentication method. 

Links that use Java Script to open a new webpage will also present problems with Referring URL The most commonly used Firewall software is Norton's Personal Firewall. Below are two links to the Norton's Knowledge Base that gives information on how to the configuration changes necessary to allow Norton's Personal Firewall to function with referring URLs.

This link describes how to enable passing referring URL information in recent versions of Norton Firewall.

This link describes how to enable passing Referring URLs in legacy versions of Norton Firewall (pre 2002)

All other firewall software works on similar principles. The exact name of the options screen and fields may vary depending on vendor and version.

The last row under Request Parameters will list the referring URL we are accepting from your account.

Enabling referring URL if a very quick and easy task. If you require any assistance with enabling Referring URL call Gale Technical Support at (800) 877-4253 option 4. Gale Technical Support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.