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Last Updated: July 15, 2021

For Idaho: Utilize your New Gale eBooks to Find and Secure your Dream Job

Searching for and applying for jobs can be difficult tasks. With your new Gale eBooks your users can find simple, on-demand support to access their interests and build the perfect resume. In this session, designed for library staff working with job seekers of all ages, we will review new titles to your collection including Packaging Yourself: The Targeted Resume 5, Career Courage: Discover Your Passion, Step Out of Your Comfort Zone, & Create the Success You Want and more. In addition to reviewing your new content, we will review the tools and features within the Gale eBooks platform designed to help users easily find and collect relevant information.
Duration: 30 Minutes
Amber Winters: Okay welcome again so today we're going to talk be talking about utilizing your new Gil ebooks to both find and secure dream jobs.

Amber Winters: My name is amber winters and I am your trainer consultant with gail and very excited to be here today as you do have these great new ebook so we're definitely going to dive deep into those today.

Amber Winters: A quick agenda for you all, I just want to mention the platform of guilty books, I know it's a familiar platform, probably for a lot of you.

Amber Winters: I just because you've had it for a good amount of time, but I just wanted to mention in case we have anyone new on the line.

Amber Winters: we're going to specifically look at some of your new ebook contents, I have some great new books, of course.

Amber Winters: won't be able to go through all of them today, but I pulled out for that I think are really special that we'll kind of dive into.

Amber Winters: we're going to actually walk through gail ebooks to show you where you can find your new ebooks within the platform.

Amber Winters: show you how to navigate through them and review some of the tools that are available in the platform as well.

Amber Winters: Finally, will save time, at the very end of the session for any questions you have, as well as some contact information for gail.

Amber Winters: But again feel free to ask your questions in the Q amp a at any point during the session don't feel like you need to say, but until the the questions section i'm happy to answer them as we move through today.

Amber Winters: So first let's just quickly talk about what Gil you books is exactly so remember this is unlimited access to full text ebooks your newest ebooks are going to have coverage and some key topic areas.

Amber Winters: Including career matching job searching resume building, as well as some skill development so professional development personal development, things like that.

Amber Winters: This is found on the same platform is all of your other ebooks that is in a separate entity, so if patrons are familiar with logging on to gail ebooks it's the same exact process and they'll be able to see the new ebooks really, really simply and easily.

Amber Winters: And today, I do want to mention the Google and Microsoft drive integration, so I think these are really helpful, especially for these type of ebooks that we're going to be taking a look at today.

Amber Winters: Just so your your patrons can kind of pull the content take it with them because oftentimes.

Amber Winters: They may not be able to go through a full ebook in one session or they may find that article interesting that they won't be able to complete.

Amber Winters: we're going to show you how to get that content out of the database.

Amber Winters: So they can save it for later and we're also going to show you as library professionals, how you can target and pull content for patrons So if you have a program coming up, that is focused on say resume building.

Amber Winters: i'll help you find different ways to pull some of the content, you have in these great ebooks and really targeted and you can forward it along to the people who are going to be attending that programming.

Amber Winters: let's just take a look at a couple of your collection highlights again, this is by no means the full list of your ebooks, but these are just a couple.

Amber Winters: That, I believe, are extremely helpful that I would like to point out to you today, so the first one being packaging yourself the targeted resume.

Amber Winters: So this is a really great book that focuses not just on you know the basics of what should be in a resume you know, make sure you have your address your phone number.

Amber Winters: your most recent work history things like that, but it also tries to engage learners to teach them that's resumes are really about marketing yourself and this ebook is really here to promotes.

Amber Winters: Targeting your resume towards whatever job type you're looking for.

Amber Winters: So if you're looking for a job in education, your resume is going to be styled and filled with different contents compared to someone who let's say works in logistics.

Amber Winters: So that's what this ebook is really getting into us moving beyond just that basic you know this is how you set it up, these are the categories that are going to see.

Amber Winters: The trying to really help individuals understand the best way to find that career, the best way to target their resume.

Amber Winters: To the specific job they're looking for and also discusses resumes us on linkedin as well, so we're getting that tech piece in there, because of course.

Amber Winters: As we're moving forward, things are getting more and more electronic like then as being used more and more, so this is especially helpful.

Amber Winters: If you have older patrons coming in, who are maybe making a later in life career change, who made me not are not as familiar with linkedin but get some great information from this ebook here.

Amber Winters: And I do also love that this includes case studies so it's not just that you know kind of an abstract tax the tongue of what they should do.

Amber Winters: is given the real world examples to help them kind of understand exactly what they're aiming for, with their resume so they can compare what they have developed with other what other people have developed and what has been successful.

Amber Winters: The next ebook I want to point out here for you is career courage, so this one is kind of more focused on.

Amber Winters: getting out of your comfort zone and moving forward with your career so it's not necessarily focus on my resume this is going to be great for individuals who currently have a career and are trying to maybe move around a little bit maybe in their same company, maybe in the same industry.

Amber Winters: or it may be for individuals looking to jump back into the workforce stay at home moms individuals who have been laid off or who have taken leaves of absence system are ready to jump back in.

Amber Winters: This is a great option for them who's really going through not just again the technical, this is what you need to do to get a job, you need to build your resume you need to do this and that.

Amber Winters: it's talking about how they can get motivated, how can they can find confidence in themselves to actually go out and find that job or that career that's really going to be passion, a passion project for them.

Amber Winters: And this, the book I love it includes some different exercises and stories so it's a bit more interactive as opposed to a standard ebook where you're just getting the articles.

Amber Winters: they'll be able to run through these exercises and really develop themselves before they even start looking for their new career or their new position.

Amber Winters: And within this careers courage ebooks these sections are actually broke it out you'll see my second bullet point here i've listened to some different topics motivation competence character and risk tolerance.

Amber Winters: All of these are actually section out into different portions of the ebook so patrons can click directly into motivation, as opposed to reading through the full ebook its own separate.

Amber Winters: Section they can click directly into that that's what they're going to see if your patrons ran a search, as opposed to browsing through a title let's say we did run a search on motivation.

Amber Winters: or let's say they ran one of risk tolerance was just a little more specific.

Amber Winters: they're going to pull up the article specific to risk tolerance will be pulled right in there it's not going to be.

Amber Winters: kind of muddied and the other bits of this ebook it's really great way they've separated it out to make it really easy for patrons to see the materials they actually need.

Amber Winters: going to go over just two more ebooks here with you that I think are really great to highlight in your library, if you are planning on promoting this a bit.

Amber Winters: These are two great options as well, the first one being career match.

Amber Winters: This one is excellent it starts off right at the beginning with a 10 minute self inventory so again, this is a really interactive ebook they're going to kind of have to work and kind of.

Amber Winters: look into themselves a little bit to kind of get that self inventory completed once it is completed, they get a specific personality type that's assigned to a color.

Amber Winters: And this ebook is broken out into those different categories, I believe i'd have all the clothes memorized I believe there's a green a gold.

Amber Winters: and a few other colors so what's great is your patrons once they do take that self into inventory and know what they fall under they can click directly into that section of the E book and again it has its own separate.

Amber Winters: kind of Chapter that they can pull up so they don't have to read all the way through the full ebook again they're getting that.

Amber Winters: Direct contents to really help them dive into what they're looking for and then at the very end, they have a final roadmap activity that's going to kind of help them.

Amber Winters: kickstart their career search once they've walked through this of inventory they kind of know what they're looking for.

Amber Winters: You know, with personality style they know they're looking for maybe a job that's a little bit lower stress something like that.

Amber Winters: They have this final roadmap where they'll be able to put all of that, together, and it's kind of something that they can take away from this ebook.

Amber Winters: And they can step forward with so again, this is another great ebook if you do have programming coming up for individuals looking for new careers, because it does give something to physically take away that they can use in their job search moving forward.

Amber Winters: And the final ebook I want to mention today before we do jump right into the resource and kind of start digging in.

Amber Winters: This is tell us a little bit longer up is not the only way rethinking career mobility, so this ebook is great, not only for.

Amber Winters: Employees or for individuals, trying to become employees is also really helpful for managers career coaches individuals who are you know, working on hiring and working with employees to make sure they're exactly where they should be within the company.

Amber Winters: it's kind of reframing the idea of career mobility, of course, in the past, we talked about career mobility we always talked about moving up.

Amber Winters: But within this ebook we're also focused on how lateral moves or even maybe taking a step back may provide a better working environment and a better career option for an employee.

Amber Winters: So it really highlights the idea of partnership with superiors to ensure that employees are finding the exact perfect fit.

Amber Winters: And it's really helping them to understand that their pathway may not be always up, it may be moving over to new department that's on the same level.

Amber Winters: And that's still considered career mobility, even if it is technically a lateral move, so this is kind of a newer way to think about career mobility.

Amber Winters: And kind of a great option to promote and I see we have someone raised their hand if you don't mind just typing your question into the Q amp a for me, and I can answer that for you.

Amber Winters: I can't access that raised hand so when typing the question I will get that answered.

Amber Winters: And finally, just one more point on this last ebook the really The goal of this ebook is to personalize a career path and it's a great conversation starter, so if you have patrons coming in asking.

Amber Winters: You know, maybe they are a management they're working with employees, they need to understand how to better.

Amber Winters: Really, to those employees and have better conversations about where their career paths are headed.

Amber Winters: This is a great place to point them to because it is working to get that personalized career path and it's giving them strategies to talk to their employees to ensure they're getting really the correct information that they need.

Amber Winters: And I got a q&a out that's my microphone is cutting in and out so hopefully it's not happening to too many people.

Amber Winters: Let me see here.

Amber Winters: looks like I got another quick mentioned that it's only happening to one person So hopefully that's the case, I will try to talk a little bit slower, so if it is cutting in and out hopefully it'll only cut out a little bit.

Amber Winters: But please let me know if it cuts out completely or something like that, and if it doesn't stop cutting out when I do take a look at this recording I can certainly re record when I send you the.

Amber Winters: The recording tomorrow, so please let me know if you start to have any more troubles, it looks like we have one individual, but another individual who's not struggling so.

Amber Winters: we'll stay the course for now I tightened my my plugs in my cord So hopefully that's going to take care of it for you.

Amber Winters: Okay well let's go ahead and take a look directly into the guilty books platform.

Amber Winters: me they're.

Amber Winters: Almost signed out, but now the way.

Amber Winters: Perfect Okay, so this is your gail ebooks i'm sure it looks familiar to a lot of you, if you're new to get your books, this is the homepage, this is what you and your patrons are going to see as soon as you sign in.

Amber Winters: scrolling down here, I want to again mention that you have access to all of your ebooks on this platform, not just the new ones that you've recently purchased so.

Amber Winters: you'll find quite a bit of different information it's not actually going to be related to career development because those are the ebooks you had previously.

Amber Winters: But greatest there's a lot of different ways to access your new contents within this platform, so I do like the first mentioned you as a library professional.

Amber Winters: You may have the espn or you may have the book's title ready to go and maybe you're pulling content again for programming that you have coming up or maybe trying to just find some promotional information your best option is to go into our advanced search.

Amber Winters: We go give it a second to load up for me, and we do have the option to search by publication title or ISP and.

Amber Winters: So that's again is usually something that's going to be more helpful for you as your patrons may not have the title of the book they need.

Amber Winters: But if you do, and you want just a really quick way to find content, without having to browse through or thought running searches, this is going to be the place for you to go, we do have your publication titles and your ISP ends available for searching under our advanced search.

Amber Winters: And just for your knowledge your new ebooks do fall into a couple of different categories, if you take a look on this left hand side here, of course.

Amber Winters: business is going to be, where the majority of them are because these are business related resources, but you also have a bit of information under education.

Amber Winters: And a bit of information under social sciences as well, some of your ebooks do fall into those categories.

Amber Winters: So if you are navigating just through business and they are trying to exactly what they look for either you want to either run a search or take a look at some of these other category options here.

Amber Winters: And it looks like I, my colleague just posted in the chat if anyone's having additional trouble with sound, you can dial in with your phone clicks you just threw that in the chat for you all.

Amber Winters: So you should be seeing that but today, instead of running a search i'm actually going to browse through my collection as many patrons do they may not have exactly what they want in mind.

Amber Winters: So let's go ahead and click into our business collection, because I do know again maybe as a patron I know i'm looking for a new career, I know it's going to be found under business so let's go ahead and click.

Amber Winters: To see these are quite a few titles, a couple here that i've already mentioned to you one is actually found under education, instead of where we are right now, but I can just kind of browse through see what catches my eye.

Amber Winters: let's click into career courage here.

Amber Winters: So, now that I am actually in the book when I click on a title it doesn't take me to the first page it actually takes me first to the table of contents I do like to point that out.

Amber Winters: I think this is a great feature because again if they want to take a look at the different sections and maybe click specifically into one section of the book as opposed to browsing through the entire thing.

Amber Winters: or trying to read through the entire thing they can click through right here, so if they do want to think about you know risk when they're talking about new career development, they can click directly into the section.

Amber Winters: This is also a great page for you as a librarian or library professional if you're working with individuals, you know the E book may be helpful for them you'll see we have this great get link tool at the very top here and our toolbar.

Amber Winters: This is going to provide a persistent URL to this specific page so to this table of contents So if you do want to pull this maybe you got an email or you know in person request for information, you can simply copy and paste this wherever you want it to go send it out.

Amber Winters: and your patrons will easily be able to access this page.

Amber Winters: And as they move forward from this page their first click they will be asked to authenticate however they authenticate if they're authenticating you know by by GEO location, I will.

Amber Winters: locate them and will authenticate it for them, they won't have any problems that should be seamless if they have to.

Amber Winters: enter into library information, however, they normally authenticate that's what it's going to ask them to do at this point, but this is a great feature this get linked tool.

Amber Winters: You also have the option to click and just to view the full ebook So if you do have patrons who wants to read just you know front to back, they just want to get the whole experience of the E book that are looking for a specific section.

Amber Winters: clicking on view ebook here right under the title is going to allow them to do that.

Amber Winters: We know.

Amber Winters: And it defaults to showing it in kind of the ebook formatting so it's going to look like pages they'll be able to click forward and kind of dig into the information, a little bit, we also have a text view option which is found at the very top of the page here.

Amber Winters: This is going to give an html formatting so this looks more similar to a lot of articles found within gail resources, so you don't have that book you anymore.

Amber Winters: As I scroll down i'm still getting all of the information that I need any images found here out keep those images listed.

Amber Winters: And i'll be able to go down and kind of read all of this information.

Amber Winters: And we still have get back up to the top here are got link button here, so if you don't necessarily want to link to the.

Amber Winters: table of contents, you can also link just for the book itself and they'll be able to click through right up top here.

Amber Winters: We can click back to the book you really easily you'll see now where it used to say text view it says book view.

Amber Winters: So we can take a look, and that bumps is back to that book view.

Amber Winters: Now I do want to mention if your patrons run a search, as opposed to kind of browsing through and clicking and reading through an e book they are going to be taking take it initially to this text view.

Amber Winters: So if they clicked again if they clicked rid of full ebook they're going to get that book view first, but if they're clicking into one specific article they get this view.

Amber Winters: And the reason behind clicking into the one specific article getting this view is because we have more tools available here.

Amber Winters: scrolling down here, I do want to point out, they have the option to translate the article, and the text view they can't do that in that book view because it's a it's a PDF at side to html.

Amber Winters: option, they have the option to increase or decrease the font size here, so any patrons who are struggling with seeing can increase this as much as needed.

Amber Winters: They can also have this read to them and, again, this is only in the text view formats, they can have the full thing read.

Amber Winters: So if you have individuals who are struggling readers trying to figure out where to go with their career that's a great option to point them to all of these great tools available to them.

Amber Winters: They can also highlight when they're in this text field, so if I find something particularly interesting I can highlight it.

Amber Winters: I can add any notes, if I want to let's say today I don't want to I can save it so as i'm kind of doing this research starting to get into.

Amber Winters: What I want from a career how i'm going to find my career things like that I can highlight what's important to me, I can highlight as much or as little as I want.

Amber Winters: To highlight just a couple here.

Amber Winters: And now I can get this out of the Platform and save it for later I do want to just mention if you are having your patrons you know you're mentioning to them that they have this great option to highlight the different important parts of this article they're reading.

Amber Winters: They do want to get it out of the Platform before they sign off so they can set it to their drives they are going to take a look at in a second.

Amber Winters: They can email it to themselves, they can download it to their computer they can print it any of those options are going to take these highlights, as well as the notes with them.

Amber Winters: If they leave the session before they get these highlights out of here, they will be deleted, just because we don't recognize the same individual more than once.

Amber Winters: So we're going to just make sure if you are going to be promoting this tool you let everyone know that they need to get this information out of the Platform before they sign off.

Amber Winters: Now I did mention sending this article over to drives that's a really great feature if again they don't have a lot of time, maybe they can.

Amber Winters: kind of digest this all in one session, maybe they want to pull this bit of information take it home with them and kind of read a little bit deeper maybe they are a little bit overwhelmed with their research you'll see, I have a sent to option, right here this little paper airplane.

Amber Winters: clicking into that you'll see it gives you my son two options were interested right now with Google drive or one drive so they can use either one.

Amber Winters: it's going to send into whatever account they're signed into on the.

Amber Winters: browser itself if they're not signing to either when they click it it's just going to prompt them to sign in and then it's going to send over to that drive and again it does keep any highlights and notes, they took it sends the citation along with it so.

Amber Winters: If your patron is maybe a student, as opposed to a career search or maybe you know they're doing a research project about resume building for their class and they need to include the citation we do include citations for all of our ebooks so they will have that citation attached.

Amber Winters: And once it's in there, Dr it's really there's for forever it's not going to disappear.

Amber Winters: They can share it from there, Dr they can add more nodes to it from their drive so if they want to share it with you know, maybe a colleague who's also looking for a new position or.

Amber Winters: Maybe their manager or the manager found some information for an employee, they can share it easily in their drive without having to worry about it disappearing it's really there's tues.

Amber Winters: And then you'll see, we also have our email option listed here as well, like an email it to themselves or again to others, whoever they're collaborating with.

Amber Winters: right next to send you that's where you're going to find your download and print those do exactly what you expect them to do and again.

Amber Winters: The good it does save as a PDF and it does keep all of these highlights and notes that they're taking so downloading and printing.

Amber Winters: They won't have those editing options anymore, but sending over to Dr, they will still be able to edit this document and change or add whatever they need to kind of clarify for themselves.

Amber Winters: And now it looks like we have about five minutes here so that's what I wanted to go over Oh, you know i'm Sorry, I just want to point out one more thing that I realized they completely skipped over.

Amber Winters: The table of contents actually follows along throughout the book as well, so even once we get off that table of contents page that we took a look at earlier.

Amber Winters: I always have the option to click back into it and then choose from there a specific section that I want so, even if I started off.

Amber Winters: Reading the full ebook and realize that maybe a lot of this is not relevant to me, I can click into my table of contents read up here in this toolbar.

Amber Winters: and go exactly where I need to be so I don't need to kind of back out of the book at all this is going to follow me on every single page, so I really say skip that.

Amber Winters: So, again we have about five minutes here, so if we have any questions go ahead and put them in the Q amp a if we want to take another look at anything we can certainly do that.

Amber Winters: While that is being done i'm going to jump back to my PowerPoint because I do have some contact information for you, for you.

Amber Winters: For the future, I know this was just a short 30 minute session so if you want to discuss the resources further or maybe you're trying to plan.

Amber Winters: A promotional session around these resources or something like that.

Amber Winters: You have access to a customer success manager through gail who can really support you with all of that they can give you best practices on promotion.

Amber Winters: They can help you integrate this into your programs they're really well versed and all of that information if you don't know who your customer success manager is.

Amber Winters: You can access them, we have a kind of a general inbox gail customer success at cengage calm and then you're forwarded to the correct individual for your library and they'll be able to help you out, we also have additional training on our support site which is support that gilt COM.

Amber Winters: So if you want more information on some of the tools found within gail you books that we just kind of took a brief look at say you want to dive deeper into those you'll find great tutorials and webinars on support that Guild calm that will help you out with that.

Amber Winters: And finally, one less thing for you, when you clicked into your zoom session today, you had a survey actually pop up into your browser if you don't mind taking that survey, for me, today I would greatly appreciate it.

Amber Winters: Usually takes under two minutes, so if you don't mind taking that I would greatly appreciate it again.

Amber Winters: And again, just as a reminder for everyone, the session has been recorded and will be sent to you via email tomorrow, so you will have a copy of that recording if you want to take a look back.

Amber Winters: feel free to forward that recording to whoever you like, so if you have a colleague who's interested but couldn't attend today feel free to send them the link to the recording so they can take a look as well.

Amber Winters: And I don't see any questions pop up into our QA so it looks like we're getting about three minutes back to our day.

Amber Winters: I do appreciate everyone being here today, if you have any questions you'll have my email address.

Amber Winters: When I send that recording over you to you tomorrow, so please feel free to shoot me an email I should be able to help you out, but please enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of your week and hopefully we'll see you on some Gil sessions in the future.
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