Gale Virtual Reference Library - Customization Portal

This video shows library staff how to use GVRL's customization portal to customize the library's GVRL homepage and create unique groupings of titles based on your users' needs.

Library administrators can use the GVRL
customization portal to create custom

subject collections of GVRL ebooks.

Add titles to Custom Collections.

Or rearrange the order that collections
and titles appear on your GVRL homepage.

To begin, click Librarian Sign-in.

Enter your username and password.

This is the username and
password you use to access Gale admin.

If you have questions or
need assistance signing in,

please contact Gale Technical Support.

Along the left of the screen, you'll find
a list of all ebook collections currently

on your GVRL homepage.

This list includes all
default ebook collections,

collections that came with
your GVRL subscription,

as well as Custom Collections that you or
someone else may have created.

A Custom Collection is a grouping of
ebooks that you build around a subject

using the GVRL customization portal.

You can easily add titles
to your Custom Collections,

as well as rearrange the order that
titles appear within the collection.

If you've created
subcollections in the past,

using the GVRL Subcollection Manager,

those collections will continue to
exist as stand alone GVRL collections.

To create a new collection,

click New Collection to add
a Custom Collection to your page.

First, enter a name for the collection.

Next, enter a description of
the collection if you chose.

The description will appear on
the View All page for the collection.

And then click Save.

The new Custom Collection now
appears at the top of the list.

To rearrange the order of the collections,
drag and

drop the collection to its
new place on the list.

To delete a Custom Collection, first
make sure the collection is selected and

then click Delete Collection.

To disable or hide a collection,
toggle the Enable switch to off.

To add titles to a Custom Collection,

first select the Custom Collection
from the list of all collections.

Next, click Add Titles.

Then, use the search box to search for
ebooks you've purchased,

by subject, title, ISBN, or
a word in the ebook description.

Now, select the titles you want to include
from the results by clicking on the cover.

Select as many ebooks as you like.

Click Done when you finished.

The ebooks now included in
this collection are displayed.

To rearrange the order of titles
in the collection, drag and

drop the title to its new
place in the collection.

Note, you can also rearrange
the order of ebooks

in default collections in the same way.

However, you cannot add or remove titles.

Your changes are automatically saved.