Gale Tools - Google Classroom Integration

This tutorial shows you how to integrate materials from library resources directly into your Google Classroom site to share with students.

By using Gale library resources,

teachers can take advantage of a

seamless integration with their Google Classroom

account so they can easily share content with students.

First, locate content

that you want to share.

You can then share this document in your Google Classroom

by clicking the green Share to Classroom icon.

If you haven't already

logged in or chosen your Google account,

you'll be prompted to do so now.

Choose your class, and then your action.

You'll now follow the same steps

normally do when creating a post

in Google Classroom.

Once you've finished, you'll receive a

confirmation and be given an option to view your post.

You can also share search results and

topic pages by going through the same steps.

using the previous steps any

highlights or notes you may have created in the shared

document won't be seen by your students.

However, if you do want

to share your notes with the class there is a way.

After you've finished marking up the document, send

the article to your Google Drive account by

using the tools menu.

Once you've received a confirmation, you can

go to your Google drive to find the article

with your markups in a folder named

after the Gale resource you are using.

Now you can create an assignment or announcement

in Google classroom and attach that marked-up

document for your students.

Now your Google Classroom students will

be able to use your selected resources

for an enhanced learning experience.