Books & Authors - Discovering a Great Book

This tutorial covers how to use Books & Authors' lists and Who, What, Where, When tool to discover books matched to your mood or interests.

When you’re in need of quick reading recommendations,

use Books & Authors

to discover books that you won’t be able to put down.

Popular titles and seasonal features

offer an easy way to discover a great read.

For additional suggestions,

explore expert picks and award winners.

With just a couple of clicks,

you’ll find lists of noteworthy titles

and specialized recommendations

from librarians and genre experts,

so that you can find titles matched

to your current mood and interests.

When you have a general idea

of the kind of book you want to read,

use Who, What, Where, When to browse

and select extensive character, subject, location, and time period tags.

Click to view books matching each selection,

or titles containing all of the selected characteristics,

and you’ll discover your gateway to literary bliss.