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Last Updated: January 01, 1970

Business Insights: Global - Comparison Reports

Select countries

from the comparison charts tab

to build a list of countries for a comparison.

Click the add/remove button to select a country.

Enter a country name in the search box.

As you type, countries are suggested,

click the plus sign next to a country's name

to add it to your list.

By default, a metric is selected for you

and a chart is created.

Click the add/remove button again

to add additional countries

or to remove countries.

You can add up to six countries to your list.

Notice that the current country is displayed.

Click the minus sign next to a name to remove it.

Hover over a point on the chart

to view data for a specific interval.

Click the print icon to preview and print your chart.

Click the download icon to export

or save the chart as an image.

You can change the metric by selecting

a new one from the pull down menu.

You can change from chart view to table view

by clicking the table button.

When viewing a table

you can download the data as a CSV file.

Click the share button to share the chart or table

by copying and saving a bookmark

that will allow you to return to the chart

or table later by posting a link

to the chart or table on a social networking site,

or by emailing a link to the chart or table

to yourself or someone else.

When available, you can also view news

and journal articles related to the metric you've selected.

Click the related articles button

to access news or journal articles.

To compare countries or industries,

select companies from the comparison charts tab

or select industries from the comparison charts tab

and then click the add/remove button

to build your list.

The compare companies and compare industries features

work just like the compare countries feature.
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