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Last Updated: January 01, 1970

Business Insights: Global - Searching

On the Business Insights homepage

and in the banner of all other pages,

you'll find a search box.

Use this search box to perform basic searches.

Simply enter a company name or ticker symbol,

a country name, an industry description,

a SIC or NAICS code, a product or brand name,

or a topic.

Next, select the type of search you want to perform

from the pull-down menu.

Check the checkbox to limit your search

to full-text documents, and then click Search.

To perform more complex search queries,

use Advanced Search.

For example, if you want to search on multiple fields

or want to search for articles by author,

publisher, publication name, or SIC;

or you are interested only in specific content types

such as company histories, SWAT reports,

or market share reports;

or materials published within a certain date range,

use Advanced Search.

To begin, enter a search term

and then select the field or index that you want to search

from the pull-down menu.

Use the operators and, or, and not

if you want to search multiple fields.

You can add as many rows as needed

by clicking Add A Row.

You can also delete rows.

Notice that you can limit your search

by content type or publication name.

You can also limit your search to peer-reviewed journals.

These are publications that only publish articles

that have undergone a review by experts in the field.

To full-text articles, to articles on reports,

by industry, or by date.

Click the Search button to begin your search.

Your search term and any limiters you may have used

are displayed at the top of the page.

Click the X next to the search limiter

to undo that piece of the search.

Use the pull-down menu to sort your results

by publication date, by article title,

by publication title, or by relevance.

From the advanced search page,

you can access the Subject Guide Search

and Publication Search features.

Use the Subject Guide Search to perform searches

based on Gale's Subject Guide.

Begin by entering a search term and click Search.

The Subject Guide Search returns a list of subject terms,

related terms, narrower, and/or broader terms.

Click on a term to view a list of documents and articles

related to your search.

The number of results found for each term is displayed.

Use the Publication Search feature

to browse an alphabetical list of publications,

or use the search box to find a specific publication.

From here, click on a publication title

to view details about a publication.

Select a publication year from the pull-down menu

to display individual issues.

Click on an issue to view articles

and reports from that issue.

Select the Search History tab from the menu bar

to view a list of searches you've conducted.

Click the hyperlinked search expression

to re-execute a search from the list.

Click the Revise link to modify a search.

From here, you can revise the search as needed.
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