Gale Courses - Discontinued Courses

Gale Courses - Discontinued Courses

The following courses have been discontinued. The MARC records for these courses may be deleted.

March 2016

MARC Control#     Course Name
(001 field)    

ed2go135    Introduction to Adobe Edge Animate
ed2go269    Prepare for the GED Language Arts, Writing Test

August 2015

ed2go128    Intermediate QuickBooks 2012
ed2go202    Introduction to QuickBooks 2012
ed2go225    Managing Life as a Single Parent
ed2go244    Navigating Divorce
ed2go249    Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2012
ed2go280    QuickBooks 2012 for Contractors

December 2014

ed2go002    A Writer's Guide to Descriptive Settings
ed2go012    Advanced Microsoft Excel 2003
ed2go029    Breaking Into Sitcom Writing
ed2go036    Certificate in Growth and Development Through the Lifespan
ed2go042    Certificate in Issues in Oxygenation
ed2go043    Certificate in Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing
ed2go057    Creating K-12 Learning Materials
ed2go077    Explore a Career in a Dental Office
ed2go087    Get Paid to Travel
ed2go096    Guiding Kids on the Internet
ed2go098    Help for the Helpdesk
ed2go110    Intermediate Dreamweaver CS4
ed2go111    Intermediate Dreamweaver CS5
ed2go112    Intermediate Flash CS5
ed2go113    Intermediate InDesign CS5
ed2go117    Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2003
ed2go124    Intermediate Photoshop CS4
ed2go133    Introduction to Adobe Acrobat 9
ed2go147    Introduction to Crystal Reports 10
ed2go151    Introduction to Dreamweaver CS4
ed2go152    Introduction to Dreamweaver CS5
ed2go154    Introduction to Flash CS5
ed2go157    Introduction to Illustrator CS4
ed2go158    Introduction to Illustrator CS5
ed2go160    Introduction to InDesign CS4
ed2go161    Introduction to InDesign CS5
ed2go167    Introduction to Linux
ed2go170    Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2003
ed2go173    Introduction to Microsoft Expression Web
ed2go174    Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2007
ed2go176    Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
ed2go178    Introduction to Microsoft Project 2007
ed2go180    Introduction to Microsoft Publisher 2007
ed2go191    Introduction to Peachtree Accounting 2012
ed2go192    Introduction to Perl Programming
ed2go193    Introduction to Photoshop CS4
ed2go200    Introduction to QuickBooks 2010
ed2go201    Introduction to QuickBooks 2011
ed2go204    Introduction to Ruby Programming
ed2go211    Introduction to Windows XP
ed2go236    Microsoft Excel 2007 in the Classroom
ed2go237    Microsoft Excel 2010 in the Classroom
ed2go238    Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 in the Classroom
ed2go239    Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 in the Classroom
ed2go240    Microsoft Word 2007 in the Classroom
ed2go241    Microsoft Word 2010 in the Classroom
ed2go245    Navigating the Internet
ed2go247    Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2010
ed2go248    Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2011
ed2go254    Photoshop CS5 for the Digital Photographer
ed2go255    Photoshop CS5 for the Digital Photographer II
ed2go258    Photoshop Elements 10 for the Digital Photographer
ed2go259    Photoshop Elements 10 for the Digital Photographer II
ed2go262    Photoshop Elements 9 for the Digital Photographer
ed2go263    Photoshop Elements 9 for the Digital Photographer II
ed2go264    Pleasures of Poetry
ed2go275    Protect Your Money, Credit, and Identity
ed2go278    QuickBooks 2010 for Contractors
ed2go279    QuickBooks 2011 for Contractors
ed2go284    Real Estate Investing II: Financing Your Property.
ed2go326    The Classroom Computer
ed2go338    What's New In Microsoft Office 2007
ed2go348    Writing and Selling Self-Help Books