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OpenURL information with examples (InfoTrac and GaleNet Databases)

Best practices with Cengage Gale Databases

When linking to Thomson Gale content using the OpenURL Standard we recommend that you only utilize the four core indexes (ISSN, Volume, Issue, Start page) in the URL that is issued to Thomson Gale. The use of the other indexes is only encouraged if you don't have index information for several of the core indexes and your goal is to reduce the number of results for a particular query. Please note use of the other indexes lacks the precision and at times will produce inconsistent results. Vendors utilizing OpenURL can contact for direct assistance.

What is OpenURL?

Simply stated OpenURL links non-full text records to full-text records, across vendor platforms. OpenURL servers are useful for finding full text, regardless of where the content is. Many academic libraries and consortium use OpenURL services to link abstract and index only databases to full text articles in Thomson Gale's OneFile and Expanded Academic. OpenURL also promotes knowledge discovery by exposing researchers to additional library resources.

InfoTrac Database Section

Supported databases:

ITOF OneFile 
EAIM Expanded Academic
GRGM,GRCM, GRS General Reference Center (All versions) 
AIM Academic ASAP 
STO Student Edition 
STOJ Junior Edition 
HRCA  Health Reference Center Academic 
LT  LegalTrac 
CDB  Computer Database 
BCPM Business and Company Profiles ASAP 
BIIM  Business Index International Megafile
BIM  Business Index Megafile
EBAP  European Business ASAP 
GBFM  General Business File ASAP
SP00 Custom Journals 
IFME Informé

InfoTrac Indexes exposed for inbound OpenURL:

sw_aep Customers Location ID
*stored cookie takes precedence over Location ID specified in URL
au Author Name
da Date - Enter a year (1995), a month and a year (feb 1996), or a month, day and year (apr 21 1996, 4/21/1996, etc.)
jn Journal Name
iu Issue
sp Start Page
vol Volume
rn Record Number

Examples of a valid URL's:

1. Uses the four classic OpenURL indexes
( ISSN, Volume, Issue, Start Page):
Database = ITOF, ISSN( sn) = 0006-2073 , Volume(vo) = 1, Issue(iu) = 5, StartPage(sp) =138, Location_id(sw_aep) = dough
ITOF_0_ke_sn+0006-2073+and+iu+11+and+sp+86+and+vo+43  +_AND_ke__AND_ke_&dyn=sig!3?sw_aep= dough

The areas highlighted in blue are configurable.

2. Using only ISSN and the first five words of the Article title:
Database = EAIM, ISSN(sn) = 0306-0025, Title(ti) = If boys will be boys, Location_id(sw_aep) = dough
+_AND_ke__AND_ke_&dyn=sig!3?sw_aep= dough

The areas highlighted in blue are configurable.

Hints and Tips:

  1. Use "sn" for all references to the titles ISSN.

  2. Use "rc11" for the search type in the URL recipe.

  3. Generally only one plus sign(+) should separate a value or operator. Eliminate all spaces in the URL.

GaleNet Database Section

Supported databases:


Business and Company Resource Center 


Health & Wellness Resource Center 


Literature Resource Center 


Biography Resource Center 


Student Resource Center 


Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center 


Student Resource Center - College Edition 


History Resource Center: U.S. 


History Resource Center: Modern World 


Science Resource Center 

The required parameters are "prod" and at least one of the following:

locID Customers Location ID
aufirst  Author's First Name
aulast Author's Last Name
issn issn
title Publication Title
atitle Article Title
volume Volume
issue issue
spage Start Page

The "date" parameter supports the following formats:

Examples of a valid URL: 

1. Uses the four classic OpenURL indexes
( ISSN, Vol, Issue, Start Page, prod., Location Id):

2. Uses (prod., Article Title, Location Id):